February 28, 2014

Finding Clothing for Extra Petite Women - No Alterations Needed!

      As Tim Gunn said in a fairly recent Refinery29 article, the fashion industry frequently fails to meet the needs of very petite women and more curvy women. While I'm not extremely petite, I'm significantly more petite than the average sized woman in the US. Ideally, I don't want to buy clothing only to spend more money to take it to a tailor to make it fit properly on me. If you're petite like me and have trouble finding clothing small enough for you, take a look below for the list of brands that I love after the jump!

      Brands that Cater to Petite Women

  • Theory - I love Theory. Their clothing is so chic and classic! They have petite sizes, and sometimes the 0P is too small on me (which is a good sign for petite women!). Usually I fit perfectly in their size 0, 0P, 2, and 2P. They also carry the same size range in suiting so no need to tailor your suits!
  • All Saints - The sizing in All Saints is different from US sizing because it's actually UK sizing. Their UK0 (US4) is tiny. I fit more comfortably in their UK6 (US2) and UK8 (US4). All Saints has amazing jackets, so if you invest in one, everything from the length, shoulders, and sleeves will fit perfectly on your petite frame!
  • Aritzia - Hailing from Canada, Aritzia is a boutique brand that carries sportswear, stylish hoodies, blazers, blouses, and jeans from Citizens of Humanity and JBrand. Aritzia also is one of the only stores I know of that carry a XXXS!
  • JCrew - Good old reliable JCrew. Long before the days I discovered British brands, I usually flocked to JCrew because their normal XS consistently fit me. Now JCrew carries 00 and XXS sizes! I'm glad to say usually the XXS is too small for my tastes, but their chambray and boy fit shirts fit me perfectly in a size 00.
  • Madewell - Madewell is the younger sister of JCrew. With slightly lower price tags, and a focus more on the woman in her 20's to 30's, you can expect similar quality and sizing as her older sister JCrew. One thing to note however is that XXS is only available for a small handful of items and they're usually only buyable online - which can be annoying if you want to avoid shipping costs.
  • Asos - Again, like All Saints this is a British based retailer so the sizing is different from the US and their "US2" or "US4" is not actually synonymous with an actual US2 or 4. They also carry petites, and there is a pretty good range to choose from. Although they have petites, I fit in their US4 just fine. The smallest size they carry is US2.
  • Ann Taylor - It is probably no surprise that Ann Taylor is on this list because they have always had a pretty expansive petite line. Ann Taylor's petite pants, dresses, & skirts are a godsend because they're the right length. However, I've found that their 0P shirts are a tad too short for my tastes.
  • TopShop - This high street British brand has always been popular across the pond, but the brand has just started to make its footprint in the US. Sizing is similar to Asos and All Saints, but I've managed to fit in their Size 2 for most of their clothing. Luckily TopShop.com offers free shipping to the US, and Nordstrom carries select pieces so you can go try them on in person if you'd like.
  • Kid's Clothing - Lastly, don't forget about kid's clothing! I especially love shopping in the boys section for shirts! The list of brands that makes clothing for kids is too expansive to list, but I would start browsing Nordstrom & Bloomingdales to get an idea of what's out there.

Some of My Picks from the Brands Above!
 [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ]

      I hope this post was helpful! I know how frustrating it is to shop as a petite woman. I also have small feet - it usually comes with the territory of being a petite woman. But brands that carry small shoe sizes will be saved for another time!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!

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