February 25, 2014

My Travel Makeup Train Case

      I'm flying back to New York next week and have started slowly gathering my products for the journey back. I still remember the days where I used to put all my makeup in a gallon zip-lock bag (eek!), but as I started to purchase more expensive products I knew I had to kick the zip-lock storage habit to the curb. There are many retailers that offer makeup cases, but they lack organization. I wanted a makeup case where I could store my makeup in an organized manner rather than just throwing it all in at once. Fortunately I found the most perfect train case for my needs - enter the Muji makeup box.

    Muji's makeup box while humble in appearance, packs both functionality and customization. It comes in three sizes - small, medium, and large. The center of the case is empty allowing you to choose the inserts that will stack inside. It also has a few built in compartments for your brushes, and side pockets for miscellaneous items. Lastly, there are these handy snap-ins that support the top of the case for easy accessibility when needed.

    I have the medium size and four organization trays. As you can see from the picture below, they can be stacked and easily unstacked. The entire case can hold a ton of products due to the organization scheme.

My Muji PP boxes. They easily stack and unstack.

Here is the case halfway stacked. You can't see it, but the bottom tray is big enough for my Naked2 Palette!

Here is the train case fully packed up & there is still room for more products!

      Obviously due to the generous size of this train case, it is more of a check-in item. You can definitely put this in your carry on as well, but you would have to keep all your liquids under 3.4oz and in a quart sized zip-lock bag. You could also opt for the small train case size. I personally have a separate makeup bag that I put in my travel tote that meets TSA's specifications.
My other helpful tips when traveling:
  • Zip-tie your check-in luggage: I've had bad luck with the TSA taking things out of my luggage. While not a total deterrence, ever since I've started zip-tying my check-in luggage I haven't experienced any missing items (fingers crossed). It also acts as proof that someone in fact looked inside your luggage because TSA doesn't always follow procedure and leave you a note saying they did.
  • Bring liquid foundations with a built in pump: Learn from my mistake! The pressure on the airplane causes liquid foundation that is housed in "squeeze" bottles to explode when you open them on the plane. Decanting your foundations in a travel case or bringing a foundation with a pump will avoid messy explosions.
  • Ask stores for "sample containers": Some stores like Nordstrom and Sephora have these tiny sample containers that you can ask for. Next time you're in the store and are getting samples, ask the SA for one or two extra containers.
  • Invest in a "decanting kit": Want to be precise in how much product to decant into your travel containers? Get a decanting kit! This one from Muji is less than $2!!

    Like the products I mentioned in this post? You can shop and directly buy all the products I mentioned and more of my travel essentials by clicking here to my Travel Essentials Luvocracy collection!

Safe travels!!

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