March 14, 2014

I ❤ NY: Places to Shop When Visiting New York City

      Everyone knows probably the biggest downfall to living in New York City is the high rent and tiny spaces. On the upside, you can get practically anything in the city! Honestly, it's probably one of the top reasons why most of us even put up with the high rent (and the weather in my case since I'm originally from California). There have been many times where I've read about a product online or someone somewhere on the blogosphere has raved about said product, and it's easy for me to go get it in person because the brand almost always has a storefront in NYC. So for those of you who are thinking of visiting New York City or are visiting NYC soon, click through the jump to see the list!

Aesop - Although I've never tried anything from Aesop, their Camilla Nut Cream and Fabulous Facial Cleanser are on my to try list. They have several storefronts in NYC - they're all fairly tiny, minimally decorated, and have an upscale apothecary feel to them. If you're already planning to go see Grand Central (you should, it's gorgeous) you can stop by the Aesop storefront located within the station. However, I prefer the location on Greenwich Ave which is large enough so you're not bumping elbows with other customers, but still small enough so you can easily get the SA's attention should you need it.

Laduree - While yes, you can order the infamous macarons online from their home site, isn't it better to enjoy them from their storefront in a beautiful Manhattan neighborhood? As far as I know, Laduree currently has only one active storefront in the US and it's in NYC, but the brand has plans to open in Miami and NYC's SoHo* (that's South of Houseton). The storefront is very French of course, but be prepared to wait in somewhat long lines.
*updated 3/17/14: the SoHo cafe location is open!

Georgetown Cupcakes - Sticking with the food theme here, you've seen the sisters on TLC and now you can finally try their cupcakes! I've never been to the cafe in Times Square, but I've been to their storefront in SoHo. The tables in the front of the store are always packed so don't expect to get seating easily, but fortunately the line moves pretty fast.

Topshop - I'm pretty sure Topshop is already on your list of places to visit while you're in NYC. However if it's not, here's why you should add it to your list! Unless you live in LA, Chicago, or Las Vegas, there are no other Topshop storefronts in the US. The store is a massive 4 stories (the basement level is Topman), it's located in SoHo (which if you did your research already you'll know is a shopping haven), they have the makeup line in the store, and if you're a student you get 10% off!

All Saints - The massive All Saints NYC flagship store is right next to Topshop so why shouldn't you take a peek inside? If your hometown doesn't have a brick & mortar All Saints store or the only access you have to the brand is the leased spaces in Bloomingdales, you'll want to check out their flagship store.

ABC Carpet & Home - ABC Carpet & Home is the holy mecca for home good and interior design lovers. A forewarning however, the place is pretty expensive. I go there for inspiration and not so much to swipe my credit card. Still, it's a great place to browse for unique home good items and maybe buy a gift or two for someone if you're feeling generous. They also have a dedicated area to skin & body care which is interesting to browse. Lastly, if you stop by during lunch or dinner time, have a seat at ABC Kitchen which is directly connected to the store.

Inglot Cosmetics - Often looked at as being on par with MAC, Inglot also offers an amazing shade range of eyeshadows that are highly pigmented. They're famous for their "freedom" system where you can create your own palette with any of their offered shadows. As a NYC pro tip, don't go to the one in Times Square (unless you're already sight-seeing there), instead opt for the more relaxing and gorgeous store front in Chelsea Market (you need to take an elevator up to get to the store). You'll be able to purchase your makeup, grab lunch at one of the many food joints, and then walk on over to the Highline to digest your meal afterwards.

Muji - Again, the Japanese home goods retailer like many other stores on this list only have storefronts in CA & NYC. If you're like me and travel a lot and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with organization, you'll want to stop by Muji. I've already raved about their makeup box, but they also have the highly coveted 5 Drawer Acrylic Storage Unit for avid makeup-users. They have many locations throughout Manhattan, but if you're already in SoHo to visit Topshop, the Muji in SoHo isn't too far from it.

Century 21 - I'll tell you the truth, I have a love-hate relationship with Century 21 but I put it in here because some of you read this list to see if C21 is on it. If you don't know what Century21 is, it's basically a massive discount store akin to TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack. Finding treasures is always hit or miss, and sometimes quite a few of the merchandise is damaged or stained in some way. That being said, if you score you usually score big. If you're only in NYC for a short amount of time, my honest advice is to skip it and save it for another time if you're still keen.

The Bar at Bauble Bar - I don't know about you but I love the baubles at Bauble Bar. They're always on trend, affordable, and most importantly the site offers free shipping & returns. Why not stop by and browse the jewels in person? The only downfall however is that shopping in the exclusive store is by appointment only (you can schedule one here), but it's free and probably worth it if you were planning on purchasing something there anyway.

Nintendo Store at Rockefeller Center - Okay, you caught me. If you got all the way down this list I threw in the Nintendo World Store because I'm actually an avid video gamer. However, even if you're not a gamer like me, the Nintendo World Store is still worth taking a trip to. It's located at the Rockefeller Center (home to NBC studios, NBC studio store, and the Top of the Rock) and it's a great place to buy a unique gift for those back home.

      Whew! That actually turned out to be a long list! But hopefully it was helpful for those of you who are planning to visit! Of course this isn't an exhaustive list, there are a lot of hidden gems and unique stores in NYC, but this is just a list to get you started. Last advice, NYC in my opinion is the most gorgeous to visit in early spring and early to mid fall.

Happy Trip Planning!!

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  1. Definitely going to try to hit some of these next time I'm in NY!


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