March 3, 2014

My Vanity - DIY Makeover Part 1

   As you might already know if you read my post on Home Decor Flash Sale Sites, my boyfriend and I just recently moved into our new apartment and it's completely unfurnished. Of course, consistent with New York City living, our apartment is a tiny one bedroom. However, although the space is small, we each still have a tiny sliver of space in the apartment to call our own. He has a mini bar cart in the living room where he creates his own concoctions and conducts his drink experiments, while I have my vanity in the bedroom.

      Due to tight space restrictions, I needed a vanity that was small in size but loaded with storage. It was a hard combination to meet, but after a month or two of searching I found the perfect small desk!

Safavieh Abigail Desk

Druzy/Stone Knob (Image Source: Hobknobery on Etsy)

     The desk does not take up too large of a footprint, but it has 7 total drawers, the top 6 of which are perfect for storing makeup. It also has an expanding leaf that easily folds back into the desk when you're not using it which saves even more space. I love the bones of this desk, but the knobs absolutely have to go! I'm planning to do a DIY and make my own druzy/gemstone knobs. My current plan is to replace the top 6 drawer knobs with druzy knobs, while the bottom two knobs will probably be more traditional (I'm thinking gold pulls or maybe even these mother of pearl ones from Anthropologie). 

      Since I want a mixture of rich jewel toned colored stones, I've been searching on Etsy for sellers that sell raw druzys and untumbled stones so I can curate my own color palette (this seller has some amazing stones!). I'm so excited to see the end product, as I imagine that every time I sit down to do my makeup or pass by the vanity, the stones will be so pretty to look at.

A Selection of Gorgeously Colored Druzy Stones
From top left to right: calcite, pink calcite, raw blue agate, peacock pyrite, pyrite, and amethyst
      The possibilities are endless! It's going to be hard to choose just 6! I know I want a mixture of rough stones, and the crystal like druzy stones. As a finishing touch, I might even "gold dip" the ends of the legs to make it look even more glamorous. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 if you're interested in seeing the finished product!

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