March 25, 2014

Product Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

      I was really excited when I read that Target will now be carrying a select few brands including the Korean skincare brand Laneige. Unless you live in Los Angeles, Korean skincare is something that is relatively hard to purchase in person and if you're like me, I like seeing beauty products in person first. Now that Target will be carrying a few products from Laneige, it will become highly accessible to everyone in the states. I thought I'd do a review on Laneige's most famous product - the Water Sleeping Pack. I first heard about this product years ago and I knew I had to get my hands on it one day. So should you tryout the Sleeping Pack for yourself? Read my review after the jump and decide for yourself!

      I personally bought my Water Sleeping Pack on Amazon this past summer. I wanted it since my skin looked horrendous because I was studying for upwards of 10-12 hours a day and drinking a venti-sized coffee every morning. It looked like the life was just sucked out of my face. I was getting around 6-7 hours of sleep a night, but it didn't help my skin since I was under constant stress. That's when I knew I needed something that would really revitalize my skin and I remembered Laneige's Sleeping Pack. For reference, I have sensitive acne-prone skin and I suffer from hyperpigmentation.


      As I mentioned before the jump, this is Laneige's best selling product (the company claims that one is sold every 30 seconds).  The product is in a gel like consistency, and goes on completely clear when you apply it. The product is housed in a large light blue tub, and comes with a spatula (not pictured) so that you can keep the product as pristine as possible. The scent of the product is very spa like and I can tell there is some essential oil in it (probably the ylang ylang). Laneige actually calls the scent "sleep scent" as it's suppose to induce a good night's sleep. It's not a very strong scent at all, and will probably be fine for those of you who are sensitive to scents.



      The product as its name suggests, is a mask that you wear to sleep. I can see why they market it that way because your face is quite sticky for a good 3-5 minutes upon first application. Of course you don't have to wear it before bed, I have worn it on airplanes and around the house if I want to give my skin an extra boost of moisturization. If my skin is extra thirsty, it'll completely absorb the product within 5 minutes. I use the mask when I'm extra fatigued (and my skin shows it) and when I'm trying to fade acne scars.
      The benefits of using this mask is twofold; first, I've definitely noticed that my acne scars fade faster when I use this mask. Second, it really does do an amazing job of hydrating the skin. The directions say to use it once or twice a week, but since is primarily used for moisturization and not exfoliation, I think it can be used more often than the suggested usage. Lastly, I use this mask when I fly on long flights because the mask goes on completely clear. It does a fairly good job of keeping my skin moisturized on the plane, but I have to reapply 2-3 times since the air is extremely drying on planes. Apparently I'm not alone in using this product for this purpose! (for my other travel essentials, check out my Luvocracy travel essentials collection).


TL:DR Version
Purchase if - 
  • Your skin is dry and needs a boost of ultra-moisturization.
  • You are trying to fade acne scars.
  • You travel often and want to bring a product that will help keep your skin in prime condition.
  • You want a gentle mask that calms down your skin.
  • You want an easy to apply face mask when you travel.

Don't purchase if -
  • You don't like face masks that leave your face sticky for a good 5-10 minutes.
  • You want a mask that does more than just moisturize & hydrate.
  • You want a mask that is specifically geared towards drawing out impurities in the skin
  • You want a mask that exfoliates.

Concluding Remarks

      The Water Sleeping Pack will be available both on Target's website & in the store sometime in the near future. The product is already viewable online, but at the time I wrote this post it was currently unavailable both in store & online. I highly recommend the product as I think it really does hydrate and revitalize your skin. I use it as a sort of insurance policy to make sure my skin is getting the hydration it needs, but also to pamper my skin if I have an important date coming up.

UPDATED 4/3/14: The Water Sleeping Pack as well as most of the product line are available for purchase online at Target as well as in store now!


  1. How much does it cost?
    Some products that were applied on my face while sleeping, in the next morning I found my face look greasy.
    I don't like it. What about this product?
    How often do you use it in a week, can it be used every day like a night cream product?

    1. Hi Anfield! The Sleeping Pack costs $23 on Target's website which is the normal price tag for the product. Your face is sticky right after you apply the mask, and you may go to sleep with a slightly sticky face. I usually try to avoid this by putting the mask on 30-40 minutes before I go to bed. However, when I wake up my face isn't greasy at all. I use the mask more often during the colder months to give my skin some extra hydration about 1-2 times a week. When I travel I use it every night since my skin gets stressed. It's definitely not a night cream though! It's more like an extra hydration mask or a "pick-me-up" product for when your skin needs some extra help. Hope I answered your questions!


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