April 20, 2014

Trend Discourse: The Skinny Drawstring Sweatpant

Zara Two Toned Velour Trousers
    Now I know what you might be thinking - sweatpants as a fashion statement? But hear me out, with the new updated silhouette it can look put together instead of sloppy like your college final exam days. Click through to see the picks!

      The updated sweatpants are skinny and tight around the ankle which gives it a more "put together" silhouette compared to the old bell bottom sweats or "scrunchie" bottoms you might have worn in college. Some styles also come embellished with zippers, or contrasting panels that also make it more dressed up than normal sweatpants. As you can see below, most of the models are wearing boots or heels which also adds to the more "dressy casual" vibe these pants all give off. Of course, I wouldn't wear them to a formal event or even a business casual event, unfortunately they're still too casual for that! However, the skinny drawstring sweatpant is perfect for still looking chic after going to the gym, brunch with your girl friends on the weekends, or a casual date night with your significant other.

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Happy shopping!

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