May 30, 2014

Link Love: Recent Links that have Piqued my Interest

      I thought I'd create a new category of postings where I can share several links that have caught my interest, or that I find is helpful, quirky, and of course interesting! The links will most likely be primarily about beauty, fashion, or home decor related, but occasionally there will also be posts about travel, current events, interesting products, or even about an amazing sale. Hope you guys enjoy the links as much as I do!

May 27, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Prepping for Important Events

      After going to two weddings in the past two weeks on two opposite coasts (and another summer wedding coming up in a couple months), I thought I'd share a few products that I rely on when I am prepping for important events like weddings. Just like my 911 beauty products, there are also some products I always use when I have an important date coming up. They're reliable and hard-working at preventing my makeup from disappearing!

May 24, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Drugstore Dupes for Higher End Products

      Drugstore dupes. They're pretty much a lifesaver for girls who are on a budget. If a hot product comes out from a high end brand, you can pretty much safely bet on the drugstore brands to come out with a fairly comparable product. Why? Because most cosmetic companies fall under the same big parent company (L'Oreal is the parent company to 15 brands including Lancome, Biotherm, Urban Decay, YSL, and Giorgio Armani Beauty). Click through the jump to see 6 drugstore dupes!

May 21, 2014

I ❤ NY: Noodles & Spicy Tuna at Totto Ramen

      My cousins from out of town were visiting me in NYC last week and they really wanted ramen as one of their meals while here. Since one of my cousins had already been to Ippudo, we opted to go to Totto Ramen instead. In addition to ramen, we also ordered char-siu over rice and a spicy tuna bowl! Click through the jump to see pictures and the review!

May 18, 2014

Shoes for Women With Small Feet - Shopping in the Kid's Shoe Section

     I wrote about shoes for women with small feet and listed brands that catered to women with size 5 feet or smaller. Within that list I also mentioned that you shouldn't forget to look at the kid's section for shoes! Although I frequently get annoyed that I am a size 5 shoe size, sometimes it's a good thing because that means I can wear kid's shoes and subsequently save $30-40!

May 16, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Gel-Cream Hybrid Moisturizers for the Warmer Months

      Unless you live in a perpetually all year round warm state such as California or Florida, you experience all four seasons. One of the cardinal rules of skincare is to change your skincare routine as spring and summer start to arrive. Since our skin produces more oil in the warmer months, we can't be piling on that thick cream that carried our skin through the colder winter months - it's moisture overload for our skin! Instead, switch over to a lighter lotion or gel moisturizer. Personally, I think lotions sometimes leave my skin too moisturized, while gels leave my skin a tad too tight. Fortunately, there are gel-cream hybrid moisturizers which are just perfect for spring and summer.

May 13, 2014

Product Review: Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

      I recently posted about double cleansing as a beauty ritual. I mentioned that my double cleansing couple was Michael Todd's Honey & Oat Cleanser and Josie Maran's Argan Cleansing Oil. I purchased the cleansing oil a couple weeks ago during Sephora's VIB 15% off promotion, and so I'm ready to give it a review!

May 11, 2014

Home Discourse: Decorating with Geodes, Agates, & Druzys

Purple Agate Candle Holder
Source: Brooklyn Thread
      As you might have noticed from my DIY vanity makeover, I really like natural stones and geodes as home decor. They're frequently found as bookends, but now a days they are also sold as coasters, candle holders, door knobs, wine toppers, lamp bases, or in their natural geode form. In addition to my vanity, I'm hoping to collect some choice stones and eventually display them in a glass shadowbox (I'm particularly inspired by this photo!). Do you adore these natural stones as much as I do? If so, definitely click through the jump!

May 8, 2014

Battle of the Makeup Wipes - Simple, Boots, Neutrogena, Say Yes to Cucumbers, Olay, & Ole Henriksen

      I used to be an anti-makeup wipe kind of girl, but then I decided one day that I didn't want to use my precious Bioderma as my sole makeup remover. Now I use makeup wipes as the first (but definitely not the last and only step) in removing my makeup. I have tried many different makeup wipes and discovered that not all makeup-wipes are made equal. In fact, far from it. There were some makeup-wipes I absolutely hated, some that were not anything special, and one that was a clear winner. Click through the jump to see seven mini reviews of different makeup wipes I've tried and which one I like the best!

May 6, 2014

I ❤ NY: Sushi & Sashimi at Sushi Yasuda

The cherry blossoms at Sushi Yasuda
   Time for another post in what's probably my favorite section to write about in my entire blog (because it involves eating delicious food!). After having it on my "places to dine list" for quite some time, the boyfriend and I finally got around to dining at Sushi Yasuda, a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. We didn't do omakase like we did at Tanoshi's, but instead ordered a la carte. We've heard from our friends and read reviews online that Sushi Yasuda is very traditional when it comes to sushi. Therefore, no spicy tuna, no California rolls (I don't even think that's really Japanese sushi), and definitely no tempura flakes in your maki rolls. To view the pictures of our delicious dinner and my review of the sushi, click through the jump!

May 3, 2014

Home Discourse: Chinese Guardian Lion Statues for Your Home

My vintage ceramic lion.
      Being Chinese, I grew up in a house that had Chinese guardian lion statues (here in the West they're frequently referred to as "foo dogs"). I distinctly remember that one dark ebony wood stained lion lived in my dad's study room, while a few colorful lions lived in the glass enclosure in the formal dining space. Traditionally, these lions were placed at the main entrance of the house in order to scare off "bad spirits." Nowadays, we can rely on ADT to keep out the bad guys and bring these majestic statues into the house to serve as beautiful decor centerpieces.