May 16, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Gel-Cream Hybrid Moisturizers for the Warmer Months

      Unless you live in a perpetually all year round warm state such as California or Florida, you experience all four seasons. One of the cardinal rules of skincare is to change your skincare routine as spring and summer start to arrive. Since our skin produces more oil in the warmer months, we can't be piling on that thick cream that carried our skin through the colder winter months - it's moisture overload for our skin! Instead, switch over to a lighter lotion or gel moisturizer. Personally, I think lotions sometimes leave my skin too moisturized, while gels leave my skin a tad too tight. Fortunately, there are gel-cream hybrid moisturizers which are just perfect for spring and summer.

       All of the picks below are gel-cream hybrid moisturizers which are ideal for those of you with combination/normal or oily skin. If your skin is naturally on the drier side, you could opt for lighter lotions (Estee Lauder makes a great lotion version of their famous Daywear cream) as these gel-cream hybrids may still not give you enough hydration. Personally, I'm planning to purchase the Naruko Tea Tree Gel (my cousin recently introduced me to this highly affordable Taiwanese skincare brand!) as my skin is acne prone.

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