May 3, 2014

Home Discourse: Chinese Guardian Lion Statues for Your Home

My vintage ceramic lion.
      Being Chinese, I grew up in a house that had Chinese guardian lion statues (here in the West they're frequently referred to as "foo dogs"). I distinctly remember that one dark ebony wood stained lion lived in my dad's study room, while a few colorful lions lived in the glass enclosure in the formal dining space. Traditionally, these lions were placed at the main entrance of the house in order to scare off "bad spirits." Nowadays, we can rely on ADT to keep out the bad guys and bring these majestic statues into the house to serve as beautiful decor centerpieces.

      Most of the time, the lions come in pairs (one female, one male) but sometimes they are sold alone as a single lion. While browsing the home decor/interior design webosphere, I see that they're often used as book ends on shelves, decor on fireplace mantle, on either side of the fireplace if they're very large statues, or on coffee tables. I particularly like the lions to be in a fun and bright color, or in a shiny metallic gold. Adding the lions gives the room an eclectic feel, but I've also seen white statues in sparse and modern spaces if it's the sole centerpiece. Below are some pictures to get you inspired and my picks at the end!

Source: Design Manifest

Source: Dominic Fusco Studios

Source: Caitlin Wilson

Source: Lauren Collins Design

Source: Am Dolce Vita

My Picks

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