May 11, 2014

Home Discourse: Decorating with Geodes, Agates, & Druzys

Purple Agate Candle Holder
Source: Brooklyn Thread
      As you might have noticed from my DIY vanity makeover, I really like natural stones and geodes as home decor. They're frequently found as bookends, but now a days they are also sold as coasters, candle holders, door knobs, wine toppers, lamp bases, or in their natural geode form. In addition to my vanity, I'm hoping to collect some choice stones and eventually display them in a glass shadowbox (I'm particularly inspired by this photo!). Do you adore these natural stones as much as I do? If so, definitely click through the jump!

      Agates, geodes, and druzys come in so many colors and textures. It's easy to incorporate one into your decor no matter what your color scheme is. Among my searches, I've found that these stones particularly accentuate rich and jewel toned interiors, but I also think having one of these stones in a very soft and subtle toned interior can be amazing too. For example, a cloudy quartz or frosty selenite in a lighter colored interior would blend in seamlessly without drawing too much attention. If your interior is already jewel toned (teal, eggplant, emerald, crimson, navy) the stone will just add to the richness of your space. I've also seen some amazing interiors that have an entire agate wall or agate counter top as a decor centerpiece! Choosing stone over wood results in a more luxurious and glamorous space.

Source: Brendan Wong Design

Source: Brendan Wong Design

Source: Suzanne Kasler

Source: Kelly Wearstler (this is Cameron Diaz's Manhattan Apartment)

Source: Empressive GeoDesigns

Source: Platinum Series by Mark Molthan

My Picks
Tip: Although my picks below are all gorgeous in their own right, because agates, minerals, and stones are natural materials, it is best to choose a specimen you like best in person. You should buy online only when you can't choose in person.
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Happy Decorating!!

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