June 30, 2014

Trend Discourse: Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Gizah
Image Source: Nordstrom
    The trend for today's trend discourse post comes with a bit of controversy! For one, I am no stranger to Birkenstocks. Yes, I actually own a pair. I own a pair of chocolate brown suede clog Birkenstocks!! (oh my, did I really just admit that on the blogosphere?) However, I don't know where they are since I haven't worn them since high school! Maybe I should try to find them though, because the trend is back? (No, I probably won't really). When I was researching for this post, I typed in "Birkenstocks" and one of the auto fill ins in the list below was "Birkenstocks are back." Yes, they definitely are. They were seen on the runway, and they're being sold at very fashionable retailers such as Shopbop, Intermix, JCrew, and even Net-a-Porter just to name a few. So, because the trend discourse posts are supposed to talk about all trends (controversial or not), today's post will be about Birkenstock like flat sandals!

June 27, 2014

I ❤ NY: The American Ballet Theatre Performs Giselle (Spring 2014 Season)

Hee Seo as Giselle
Image Source: ABT
      After seeing ABT perform Giselle at the Lincoln Center last weekend, I was reminded of why so many little girls wanted to be ballerinas when they grew up. The dancers are so poised, graceful, and delicate - I truly respect their craft and the amount of discipline it takes to be a ballerina. I highly recommend anyone who is an admirer of ballet to go see a show at least once in their lifetime. Better yet, if you are visiting NYC and are able to purchase tickets to coincide with your visit, it's definitely something you should do! If you're a first-timer and are curious about what it's like to attend a ballet show, click through the jump!

June 25, 2014

My Vanity - DIY Makeover Part 2

Safavieh Abigail Writing Desk
      It's a long overdue post but it's finally time to do the grand reveal of my new vanity knobs! Just in case you hadn't read my DIY vanity makeover part 1, my plan was to replace the top six drawer knobs with DIY stone knobs and the bottom two knobs that had a vintage vibe. It was so easy and I love the finished look! To find out how I made the knobs and to see the finished look, click through the jump!

June 22, 2014

Link Love: Book Recommendations, Alexa Chung Makeup Tutorial, Game of Thrones & More

1. VIDEO: Essie of Essie Button & Sanne of Books&Quills share a couple of their book recommendations to get you back into the routine of reading for fun.

2. HOME: Tour an insanely gorgeously renovated contemporary Nashville home that is anything but country looking.

3. COMMENTARY: A thorough article on the summary of Game of Throne's Season 4 Finale and why women, not men, are set to take over Westeros. A must read for Game of Thrones fans!

4.  VIDEO: Lisa Eldridge, the Queen (in my personal book at least) of Makeup Artists does a tutorial inspired by Alexa Chung, featuring Alexa Chung herself!

5. HOME: Did you like my Trend Discourse on brush stroke printed clothing? If so, check out how you can incorporate the print into your home!

6. SHOPPING: Zara's infamous sale has started! Lots of amazing things are discounted, but don't hesitate too long because a lot of good pieces sell out online fast!

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June 20, 2014

Trend Discourse: Brush Stroke Printed Clothing

Celine Spring 2014 RTW
Image Source: Style
    Among my research for watercolor printed clothing, I came across brushstroke printed clothing. They are both artistic in nature, but still quite different from one another that I decided each print deserved its own trend discourse post. The print was so pervasive in the spring 2014 collections that it made it into Style's Spring 2014 trend report. If you are intrigued by this artistic print, click through the jump to see off the runway interpretations of the print!

June 17, 2014

Home Discourse: Chinoiserie Decor

Beautiful Chinoiserie wallpaper
Image Source: Paul Montgomery Studio
  A couple of days ago, I was playing a video game I recently purchased. The video game has very fantastical, imaginative, and whimsical settings and I just get engrossed in all the details while playing. The new level is clearly Eastern inspired, and is decorated with Asian architecture, decor, & motifs. The mountains were carved with jade, the trees were made of white & blue Chinese porcelain, and there were gigantic Chinoiserie vases embedded in the mountain tops. Looking at it all got me inspired to write a post about Chinoiserie decor! I already wrote about decorating with Chinese guardian lion statues, but this post will be more generally about Chinoiserie decor and not just the lion statues. 

June 15, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Using Skincare Products For Your Age Group

      Women who are really into skincare can get pretty excessive and overly ambitious with their skincare products. In other words, many of us fall into the trap of using products that are not targeted for our age. Does a 22 year old really need to be using "anti-wrinkle" cream? Should an 18 year old be using an eye cream? Definitely not!! In fact, using overly rich products that are targeted for older skin on younger skin can actually backfire. You can break out, become oilier, or even develop millia! Younger skin can't handle and soak in all those extra nutrients, so it causes more adverse side-effects than good. Thus, avoid falling into this trap! To read what you should focus on in each age group and see some product recommendations, click through the jump!

June 12, 2014

Product Review: Naruko Narcissus Night Gelly (Naruko Mini Series)

      It's time for the second product review in the Naruko Mini Series! Today I'll be reviewing the Naruko Narcissus DNA Repairing Night Gelly. For those of you who are new to Naruko, it's a Taiwanese skincare brand created by Niu Er who is one of Taiwan's foremost beauty experts. All of the products are natural, paraben, and preservative free. Niu Er was donned the nickname of "gelly king" since the most famous products from Naruko are their gel moisturizers.

June 10, 2014

I ❤ NY: Big Apple BBQ Block Party

      It is officially summer in NYC! If 80 degree weather doesn't indicate that it's summer, then a BBQ festival definitely screams summer! Every year for 12 years now, on a Saturday and Sunday in June, the Big Apple BBQ Block Party happens in Madison Square Park. Pitmasters from all around the country participate in the two-day affair while New Yorkers get to enjoy some delicious grilled & smoked masterpieces.

June 7, 2014

Trend Discourse: Watercolor Print Clothing

Watercolor Wallpaper
Image Source:  Black Crow Studios
by way of M}Impression
    My friends all know that I have a soft spot for anything watercolor from paintings, prints, to graphics. So naturally I would be drawn to watercolor inspired clothing as well! I think watercolors are so romantic, ethereal, and girly. I tend to gravitate towards watercolor prints that really show the water grains. Sound good to you too? If so click through the jump for  my six picks for watercolor printed pieces!

June 5, 2014

Home Discourse: Chic Decorative Throw Pillow Cases for Under $20

Target Zuma Toss Pillow
      I remember watching the first Sex & the City movie and during one scene in Carrie's newly renovated apartment, Carrie told Samantha that her new decorative pillow cost $300 after Samantha's dog was essentially "violating" the pillow. Now although the pillow was pretty, was it worth $300?? Definitely not. You can get cute, chic, and pretty pillow cases for way less than $300! Click through the jump to see my picks which are all under $20!!

June 2, 2014

Product Review: Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Lifting & Whitening Face Mask (Naruko Mini Series)

   Happy June everyone!! Here is another product review I think all you skincare junkies would enjoy! I wrote in my prepping for important events that I use face sheet masks in my process in prepping for important events. Since I have bought and been gifted a total of five Naruko products, I'm creating a Naruko Mini Series where I'll be reviewing all five products. If you're interested in seeing all the posts in the Naruko Mini Series, just search "Naruko" in the blog's search box! Today marks the first post in the mini series, and I'll be reviewing Naruko's Taiwan Magnolia sheet masks.