June 15, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Using Skincare Products For Your Age Group

      Women who are really into skincare can get pretty excessive and overly ambitious with their skincare products. In other words, many of us fall into the trap of using products that are not targeted for our age. Does a 22 year old really need to be using "anti-wrinkle" cream? Should an 18 year old be using an eye cream? Definitely not!! In fact, using overly rich products that are targeted for older skin on younger skin can actually backfire. You can break out, become oilier, or even develop millia! Younger skin can't handle and soak in all those extra nutrients, so it causes more adverse side-effects than good. Thus, avoid falling into this trap! To read what you should focus on in each age group and see some product recommendations, click through the jump!

Adolescents (younger than 20) 
      Unless you suffer from acne, young skin is really low maintenance and only needs really basic products to keep it happy. Basically, young skin just needs cleansing and hydration. Younger skin also tends to be oilier, so you want to choose products that cleanse your face and pores well, especially during the summer months. If your skin is particularly oily, look into mattefying moisturizers. At this age, you definitely don't need an eye cream as a teenager, so don't even let it cross your mind! If you have acne, you can choose products that have a BHA (salicylic acid) in them, or benzoyl peroxide - whichever one your skin reacts to better.

Products for Adolescent Skin


Young Adult (early to mid twenties)
     As a young adult, your skin is still resilient and can take a good abuse once in a while (during this time in your life you are in college, so keg parties on Greek row are probably in your near future), but you should definitely start wearing sunscreen at the least. Choose a moisturizer with built in sunscreen to knock two birds down with one stone in your morning routine. Overall though, luckily your skincare routine can still be pretty basic and low maintenance and you can probably still get away with using the same face wash you have been using since you were a teenager. However, if you want to up the ante, you can also start to exfoliate once or twice a week with a facial scrub. For night time, a night moisturizer isn't a must, but if your skin has changed from oily to normal or even normal to dry, you would probably benefit from using a heavier night cream.

Products for Young Adult Skin


Adult (late twenties to late thirties)
      This is the time to start preventative care but you're not in the anti-wrinkle territory yet - you want to look for "anti-aging" products that target early signs of aging. Definitely start using an eye cream (but NOT ant-wrinkle!) that moisturizes the under eye area. You're at the age where you're just starting to get a taste of real adult life; you might be starting your first serious job, you're commuting, working long hours, you have some real-life adult responsibilities that give you stress, but sometimes you also stay out in the wee am hours since you're enjoying your weekend. Therefore, look for products that provide antioxidants, protection from environmental irritants, and detox your skin. Start wearing that sunscreen every single day without exceptions!

Products for Adult Skin


Mature (40's and above)
     Just to be clear, 40 in no way means senile or old! There are so many women who still look amazing in their 40's, but this is probably the time in your life where you see your skin might need some extra help. You certainly need sunscreen now more than ever, but it should already be engrained in your routine since you've started using it since your early to mid twenties. And since our skin tends to get drier as we age, those fine lines that were somewhat hidden in your mid to early 30's have probably have become more pronounced. Subsequently, the focus on anti-wrinkle products are in order. You don't need to spend a gazillion dollars on an anti-wrinkle cream, Olay and ROC are some reliable drugstore brands that make great anti-wrinkle creams! Lastly, consider adding a cream with retinol in it since it will boost collagen production, increase cell-turnover, and target fine lines.

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