June 5, 2014

Home Discourse: Chic Decorative Throw Pillow Cases for Under $20

Target Zuma Toss Pillow
      I remember watching the first Sex & the City movie and during one scene in Carrie's newly renovated apartment, Carrie told Samantha that her new decorative pillow cost $300 after Samantha's dog was essentially "violating" the pillow. Now although the pillow was pretty, was it worth $300?? Definitely not. You can get cute, chic, and pretty pillow cases for way less than $300! Click through the jump to see my picks which are all under $20!!

      I think pillows add great visual interest to a space. If you have a fairly neutral space and neutral furniture, changing up a couple pillows can immediately change the feel and color palette of the entire space. When choosing a pillow insert for your case, I recommend going an inch bigger than your pillow case (ie: if your pillow case is 16 x 16 inches, you should purchase a 17 x 17 insert) because it makes for fuller fluffier looking pillows.

Image Source: Mark Williams Design

Image Source: Marie Burgos Design

Image Source: Pulp Design Studios

Image Source: Dreamy Whites

Image Source: Caitlin Wilson

My Picks for Decorative Pillow Cases $20 or Under!

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Happy Decorating!!

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