June 22, 2014

Link Love: Book Recommendations, Alexa Chung Makeup Tutorial, Game of Thrones & More

1. VIDEO: Essie of Essie Button & Sanne of Books&Quills share a couple of their book recommendations to get you back into the routine of reading for fun.

2. HOME: Tour an insanely gorgeously renovated contemporary Nashville home that is anything but country looking.

3. COMMENTARY: A thorough article on the summary of Game of Throne's Season 4 Finale and why women, not men, are set to take over Westeros. A must read for Game of Thrones fans!

4.  VIDEO: Lisa Eldridge, the Queen (in my personal book at least) of Makeup Artists does a tutorial inspired by Alexa Chung, featuring Alexa Chung herself!

5. HOME: Did you like my Trend Discourse on brush stroke printed clothing? If so, check out how you can incorporate the print into your home!

6. SHOPPING: Zara's infamous sale has started! Lots of amazing things are discounted, but don't hesitate too long because a lot of good pieces sell out online fast!

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