June 30, 2014

Trend Discourse: Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Gizah
Image Source: Nordstrom
    The trend for today's trend discourse post comes with a bit of controversy! For one, I am no stranger to Birkenstocks. Yes, I actually own a pair. I own a pair of chocolate brown suede clog Birkenstocks!! (oh my, did I really just admit that on the blogosphere?) However, I don't know where they are since I haven't worn them since high school! Maybe I should try to find them though, because the trend is back? (No, I probably won't really). When I was researching for this post, I typed in "Birkenstocks" and one of the auto fill ins in the list below was "Birkenstocks are back." Yes, they definitely are. They were seen on the runway, and they're being sold at very fashionable retailers such as Shopbop, Intermix, JCrew, and even Net-a-Porter just to name a few. So, because the trend discourse posts are supposed to talk about all trends (controversial or not), today's post will be about Birkenstock like flat sandals!

      Honestly, I'm pretty sure the trend was brought back by Phoebe Philo since she had the models walk down the runway in the sandals in spring 2013. I'm surprised that she bought back a revival of the sandal itself, but I'm not surprised at her fashion influence pull because I know she is a colossus in the fashion world.
      Although many other trend-setters and fashion enthusiasts have opted for the original Birkenstock sandal, there are many other options to choose from that have that same utilitarian sandal look. The wide criss-cross bands is an alternative look, as well the buckle-less interpretation of the sandal. Be forewarned however! Coming from experience of breaking in Birkenstock soles first-hand, it hurts! Some of these sandals will need a good break-in period as they are hard as rock at first, and not molded to the unique shape of your foot. That being said, once you break them in they are comfy and very supportive. It's a great comfortable alternative to those arch-less and super paper-thin flat sandals!

Celine RTW Spring 2014
Image Source: Celine

Celine RTW Spring 2014
Image Source: Celine

Celine RTW Spring 2014
Image Source: Celine

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