June 20, 2014

Trend Discourse: Brush Stroke Printed Clothing

Celine Spring 2014 RTW
Image Source: Style
    Among my research for watercolor printed clothing, I came across brushstroke printed clothing. They are both artistic in nature, but still quite different from one another that I decided each print deserved its own trend discourse post. The print was so pervasive in the spring 2014 collections that it made it into Style's Spring 2014 trend report. If you are intrigued by this artistic print, click through the jump to see off the runway interpretations of the print!

      I think this print is best when done on a white background and contrasted with black strokes or one other bold color. However, I do like the prints in Celine where several bold and big strokes were grouped together so that your eye looks at the print as one whole piece rather than several distinct brush strokes. For myself personally, I think a brushstroke printed dress is the easiest for anyone to wear even if you're not that keen on prints in general. The style is definitely eclectic, echoing the bold mod prints of the 1960's, it's a statement to wear this print!

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Happy shopping!!

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