July 30, 2014

Trend Discourse: The Cropped Sweater

Mango Textured Cropped Sweater

      The crop top - no, I'm not talking about the Kim Kardashian style crop top (the way she wears it is just not my personal style), but rather a cropped sweater that doesn't reveal any part of your navel or upper stomach. I've been really reluctant to embrace the cropped top trend, but after seeing (or remembering) a way to wear it without showing any skin, I'm finally ready to incorporate this trend in a way that I'm comfortable with.

July 27, 2014

Found! The Perfect Leather-Sleeved Trench Coat

Image Source: Ann Taylor
      Bravo Ann Taylor, bravo! For any one who loves leather accented clothing (like me), Ann Taylor has come out with the perfect (faux) leather-sleeved trench coat for fall. The best part? It comes in normal, petite and tall sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. I've been searching for a trench coat for years, and every single trench coat I've found & tried on is too big. The petite XXS jacket size is an absolute treasure of a find, and at a price point of $248 - this jacket is the definition of a fashion jackpot! Purchase the jacket here through Ann Taylor or check it out at your local AT store.

July 26, 2014

Refreshing White Summer Dresses Under $80

Topshop Hybrid Lace Panel Tunic Dress
     If you live in a place that has hot summers, then you probably have a few dedicated wardrobe pieces that you pull out on those scorcher days. For me, those items are all white; white shorts, white t-shirts, white skirts, and white dresses (see my other summer staples here). Wearing a white dress is not only refreshing in the summer, it keeps you cooler! Whether you need a flowy coverup at the beach, or you're having a summer picnic with your friends, the white dress can be your go-to instantly chic wardrobe piece in the summer when you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Click through to see six picks all for under $80.

July 24, 2014

Makeup Tutorials on Youtube

      Youtube is just an abundant resource for tutorials. I've learned how to refine and perfect my makeup application techniques by watching tutorials in my free time! Honestly as well, I pretty much learned how to do my makeup by watching dozens of Youtube tutorials. I tell all my girlfriends who aren't yet super comfortable with their makeup skills, to watch youtube tutorials in their free time. It's easy, it's free, you can watch them the comfort & privacy of your home, and you can learn at your own pace. Keep in mind that since each person's facial structure is unique, you might have to adapt the tutorial to your own face. This is especially true if you're a monolid (single eyelided) or have hooded-eyes. Still, the tips and techniques are great, and you definitely learn a couple tricks of the trade when you watch these tutorials.

July 21, 2014

Home Discourse: Color Crushing on Black & White Decor

Kourtney Kadashian's black & white striped living room.
Image Source: Instyle

      Bold, classic, and stylish. Those are the words I think of when I see black & white interiors. Whether you're a lover of classic decor or a fearless maximalist, black and white decor is one of those designs that you see in every style of home. It's not hard to understand why either. Since the main draw of black & white decor is contrast, it's easy to make a statement or design scheme by using only a couple decor pieces. Black & white interiors can range from the extremely bold (see Kourtney Kardashian's living room on the left) to minimal and classic. Check out some examples after the jump!

July 19, 2014

Product Review: Naruko Narcissus Eye Cream (Naruko Mini Series)

      We're winding down to the fourth post in the Naruko Mini Series, and today's focus is on the Narcissus Eye Cream. As I mentioned in the prior posts, the Narcissus line is targeted for women who are just starting to see the early signs of aging. It's more of an anti-aging preventative line and not an actual anti-wrinkle line. The entire line claims to achieve several things; brightening, moisturizing, firming, ant-wrinkle, and providing antioxidants. It definitely is not an anti-wrinkle cream (learn the difference between anti-aging and anti-wrinkle here), but it definitely moisturized my under eye area!

July 17, 2014

I ❤ NY: The Charles James Exhibit at the MET

     As some of you may know, every season the Anna Wintour Costume Institute chooses a theme or designer that will be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (fall's theme has already been announced). Perhaps one of the most famous past exhibits was Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty. This year, the Institute chose to feature Charles James, a British designer who was known for his highly structured aesthetic. I know some of you as readers are not going to be able to visit NYC in time to see the exhibit, but fear not! I took tons of pictures of the exhibit so you can feel like you were there too. Prepare to see some gorgeous dresses after the jump!

July 15, 2014

Summer Staples

      I'll be honest here and say that summer is my least favorite season (I can't stand the heat!). When I lived in California, summers were bearable since there was no humidity in California. However, here in NYC there is humidity and it makes hot weather all the more worse. I feel that you have to work twice as hard to keep your skin in tip-top condition when you're in humid weather since you sweat a lot more. Your face just feels sticky, hot, and just all around gross. Do you feel the same way? If so, click through the jump to see some of my summer staples that get me through the hot & humid months.

July 12, 2014

Link Love: Harry Potter Epi-Epilouge, Comfort Foods, & Travel Tips

1. ARTICLE: For all you Harry Potter fans, JK Rowling takes up her quill once again. This time as Rita Skeeter reporting on our beloved Hogwarts trio and their visit to the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.

2. NOVELTY: The results are in! Click through to see each State's favorite comfort food. What's your State's food?

3. ARTView an extremely talented sculptor's geometrically correct pieces of famous architectural styles and interiors all carved out within big stones.

4. HOME: This Californian girl's home proves that you can have a chic and stylish home - without breaking the bank.

5. NOVELTY: 24 travel tricks and hacks that will make your trip easier the next time you travel. Some of these are pretty clever!

6. RECIPE: Smitten Kitchen shares a perfect summertime dessert - brownie ice cream sandwiches!

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July 10, 2014

I ❤ NY: Williamsburg Smorgasburg

      Smörgåsbord definition: a type of Scandinavian meal served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on one table. In New York, there is Smorgasburg in Williamsburg which (unfortunately) isn't a buffet, but it's a place where you're able to try out many different types of food and cuisine all the way from fusion, Mexican, Southern, Japanese, to vegan. I love places like Smogasburg where I can easily try food from many different food vendors. I took tons of pictures on that day so you could also take a peek, see what you like, and perhaps go yourself one day! At the end of the post, I'll also be reviewing what I ate.

July 7, 2014

Home Discourse: Campaign Style Furniture

Zinc Door Bungalow 5 Side Table
      Everyone who loves home decor probably has a list, you know - that long list of things they want in their home. Today I'm going to tell you one of those things on my (never ending) list; campaign style furniture. Campaign style furniture has been around since Caesar's time, but it's more traditionally associated with the 18th & 19th century British militia. The cornerstone of campaign furniture are the metal embellished corners and rectangular pull out handles. I really like the look of the metal accents, and even though the style has been around for quite some time, it still looks amazing in present-day homes.

July 5, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Brush Series I

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
    To all my American readers, I hope you had a delightful 4th of July! As you can tell from the title of the post, the topic of the day is makeup brushes. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with makeup brushes. On the one hand, they really do make a difference in the way you apply your makeup. On the other hand, they require constant upkeep, washing, and you're never quite satisfied with your current collection. That being said, there are a lot of makeup brush brands out there to buy from and it can get a bit intimidating on what brush to buy from each brand. To get rid of some of that intimidation, I wanted to do a series on brushes categorized by price point and pick some choice brushes in each price point category.  The first brush series post will be for all you bargain beauty shoppers out there!

July 2, 2014

Product Review: Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum (Naruko Mini Series)

      First off, two things before we jump into today's product review. First, I can't believe it's July already!! Summer is just whizzing by. Second, I hope the new tweaks around the site have made it easier for you to navigate around the blog! Today is the third post in the Naruko Mini Series, and it'll be a review of the Narcissus Fundamental Serum! The Narcissus line is targeted towards those with young skin that is just starting to see the effects of aging. The product claims that it will whiten your skin (targets hyperpigmentations & uneven skintone), tighten, and prevent moisture loss. While it didn't live up to all three claims, it did live up to one of them! Find out which one after the jump!