July 10, 2014

I ❤ NY: Williamsburg Smorgasburg

      Smörgåsbord definition: a type of Scandinavian meal served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on one table. In New York, there is Smorgasburg in Williamsburg which (unfortunately) isn't a buffet, but it's a place where you're able to try out many different types of food and cuisine all the way from fusion, Mexican, Southern, Japanese, to vegan. I love places like Smogasburg where I can easily try food from many different food vendors. I took tons of pictures on that day so you could also take a peek, see what you like, and perhaps go yourself one day! At the end of the post, I'll also be reviewing what I ate.


Red Hook Lobster Pound - they were selling lobster rolls.

Takumi Taco - fusion of Mexican & Japanese.
Cemitas - Mexican sandwiches

Vegan Pop Up Diner
Lumpia Shack - Fillippino style eggrolls.

Piggies - selling only pigs in a blanket. My friend said they were disappointing.

Ramen Burger - the infamous Ramen Burger stand. Yes, the line was very long when it opened.

Grilling the ramen buns.

Dough (donuts)
Blue Bottle Coffee - my personal favorite and from my hometown! (SF)

Ca'Pisci - selling seafood.
Sunday Gravy - Southern style food. Their macaroni had no cheese but instead was drowned in gravy.

Takoyaki cooking from Mimi & Coco

Bon Chovie - selling seafood.
Bombay Sandwich Co - selling Indian food inspired sandwiches.

Vendome Macaron's display.

Kevin Natural Slush Co. - selling unique flavored slushes such as ginger, Arnold Palmers with shots of lychee, white peach, or mango syrup.



Blue Bottle's New Orleans Coffee
      I have a soft spot for Blue Bottle since I've been their patron since their very humble beginnings in San Francisco. My favorite is their Hayes Valley Espresso blend, and my usual order there is that roast as an Americano. Unfortunately they only had another roast on offer at the stand (3 Africans). Instead I got New Orleans which is cold brewed coffee with a shot of organic milk and cane sugar. It was a bold bodied coffee, and since at the time I had no food in my stomach, I had to ask for it to be a little more sweet since it was too strong. I definitely prefer my regular order over the New Orleans. My recommendation is to definitely walk down to their storefront in Williamsbug (not far from Smorgasburg itself) and take a look at their full menu - if you're a coffee lover, you won't be disappointed!


Takumi Spicy Tuna Taco
      Straight off the bat, this was the most disappointing item I got from the whole day. For $6 it wasn't considered the most expensively priced item at Smorgasburg, but what you get for $6 was very low in value. For one, it's supposed to be a spicy tuna taco. However, I literally only had around 5 pieces of tiny cubed raw tuna in the entire taco. I would say the taco was composed of 95% cucumber (and I hate cucumber and asked them to take it out but they told me it was premixed). It would have been delicious if they put in a more reasonable amount of tuna. Otherwise, it's just glorified cucumber in a spicy mayo sauce. A definite pass the next time I go.


Cemita's Chicken Chipotle Sandwich
      From the worst to the best, as you can tell from the picture alone, this sandwich was delicious! Unlike Takumi, Cemita's was generous with the food. The cheese was queso blanco, pink picked onions, and shredded chipotle chicken. It was hearty, delicious, and substantial enough that I split half of it with my boyfriend. The chicken was moist, seasoned just enough, and most importantly they gave a good amount of it in the sandwich. I would definitely consider going to their storefront and trying some of their other sandwiches. 


Mimi & Coco's Takoyaki
      I love takoyaki! So when I saw Mimi & Coco, I knew I had to get it. They were also cooking up teriyaki balls which had a choice of sausage, potato, or shrimp as their filling if you don't like octopus. If you don't know what takoyaki is, it's a type of Japanese snack of octopus in a flour based batter cooked in a special pan with sphere shaped pockets. It's topped with kewpie (Japanese mayo), bonito flakes (dried mackerel), and takoyaki sauce (usually a mixture of mayo & Worcestershire sauce). The result is saucy and savory balls of dough with seafood flavorings due to the octopus and bonito flakes.


The Ramen Burger
      As a disclaimer, this wasn't my burger but rather it was my friend's. I was never that infatuated with the ramen burger, but the opportunity came for me to at least have a bite (and see what the fuss is all about) so I took it. My thoughts? Definitely overhyped. It was really greasy because of the noodle buns which I didn't like at all. The meat however was good as it was cooked by the flavor of the fire. When you're eating it it's like eating ramen without the soup. The noodle buns were definitely overpowering however. If you're curious to try it, definitely give it a chance. You might enjoy it more than I did.


Vendome's Macarons
      I'm such a sucker for macarons! But aren't most dessert lovers? I got a box of six macarons from Vendome Macarons which before that day, I hadn't heard of. I wasn't expecting it to be Laduree, but it was good! They were baked just like macarons were supposed to be baked - chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The flavors I chose were sea salted caramel (bright blue), strawberry, nutella, pistachio, vanilla, and triple berry. I wish they had more unique offerings like they do on their website (rose is my absolute favorite), but I understand they have to have more "safer" options for a place like Smorgasburg. It was a nice end to my multi-cuisine meal.


Concluding Remarks

      Smorgasburg is located in Williamsburg and is open from 11am to 6pm. You can check out a full list of vendors on their website so that you can plan out your food escapade. 

Happy fooding!!

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