July 12, 2014

Link Love: Harry Potter Epi-Epilouge, Comfort Foods, & Travel Tips

1. ARTICLE: For all you Harry Potter fans, JK Rowling takes up her quill once again. This time as Rita Skeeter reporting on our beloved Hogwarts trio and their visit to the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.

2. NOVELTY: The results are in! Click through to see each State's favorite comfort food. What's your State's food?

3. ARTView an extremely talented sculptor's geometrically correct pieces of famous architectural styles and interiors all carved out within big stones.

4. HOME: This Californian girl's home proves that you can have a chic and stylish home - without breaking the bank.

5. NOVELTY: 24 travel tricks and hacks that will make your trip easier the next time you travel. Some of these are pretty clever!

6. RECIPE: Smitten Kitchen shares a perfect summertime dessert - brownie ice cream sandwiches!

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