August 30, 2014

I ❤ NY: Jeff Koons Exhibit at the Whitney Museum

      Even if you don't know who Jeff Koons is, you probably have seen his work! He's most famous for the shiny metallic balloon dog statutes, one of which, has sold for a record-breaking $58 million dollars. The exhibit, Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, is the artist's first New York retrospective and the largest exhibit devoted to one artist the Whitney Museum has ever featured. His work is funky, fun, whimsical, and quite suggestive at times (I could not post photos of all of his work that was featured since it was very explicit!). I took a lot of photos to share with you all, click through to see them!

Green Balloon Dog


Bob Hope

Michael Jackson

      Jeff Koons: A Retrospective will be at the Whitney Museum until October 19th, 2014 until it moves to another city. Coinciding and complimenting his Whitney Exhibit, a large topiary version of his "Split-Rocker" horse is on display for a free viewing at the Rockefeller Center 24 hours a day 7 days a week, until September 12.

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