August 7, 2014

In the Nude - Nail Polish Colors for a Conservative Office

Chanel Rose Caché
      I don't always agree with conservative office wardrobe etiquette (ie: pantyhose - I loathe pantyhose!), but I do agree that you shouldn't be sporting super glittery bright nail polish in a professional office that isn't in fashion or the creative arts. Now I know what you may be thinking; "Why should it matter what color is on my nails? That is not at all related to my competence or professional abilities." And you will be right in that it doesn't at all. However, it might be a distraction if you're giving a presentation, talking to a client, or collaborating with a colleague. In any traditional and professional office setting, sticking to nude and neutral nails is the unspoken rule of office nail etiquette.

      Just like nude lipstick, it's best to find a nude nail color that flatters your skin tone. If you have pink undertones, opt for a color that is more pink. If you're more yellow or olive toned, a more beige colored polish will flatter your skin tone better. I don't recommend stark white or bright white polishes. It usually looks like you painted white-out on your nails which isn't professional looking at all. To shake it up or for a more unique look that's still office appropriate, try a matte top coat instead of a normal top coat. Neutral shades with a little bit of shimmer in it is fine, but it has to be subtle. I would stray away from polishes that are heavily frosty or pearlescent as well. My personal rule of thumb is, if it's a color that is going to draw more than one look to your nails, it's probably not office appropriate. Lastly, the rule also applies to interviews. Better safe than sorry!

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