August 27, 2014

Product Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel No UV Light Polish

      I love gel manicures but I hate the UV light, the price tag, and the time it takes to actually go to the salon that comes along with it. So, when Sally Hansen came out with Miracle Gel, a line of gel polishes that do not need the UV lamp to cure the polish, I immediately had to get my hands on it and try it for myself. Plus, I'm a big sucker for red nail polish, so if my red mani can last for a week with no chips, it's definitely like finding a nail polish unicorn.

           I got the color kit in 470 Red Eye which is a classic red. It includes the red polish Red Eye and the top-coat that is to be used with the entire Miracle Gel line. The polish promises shiny chip-free wear up to 14 days, and cures in "natural daylight." One bottle of polish is $8-9 while the kit is $15 - not cheap, but not too expensive either if the polish lives up to its promises.


      Since I hate it when my nails get stained by the polish (and reds are notorious for doing that), I used a basecoat with it (Essie All in One). The polish applies just like normal nail polish albeit it was slightly thicker than a normal polish. With one coat I got almost complete coverage. I followed the directions and applied two coats and then the topcoat. I did notice that I could see very fine streaks from the topcoat on some of the nails, but it isn't anything too noticeable unless I look at my nails close up. Then I "cured" the polish by laying my hand on the window sill where it could catch the natural sunlight. It completely dried and cured within five minutes.

      How did it wear? By the 4th day I had a chip on my middle finger both near the tip and and cuticle area. It was only on my middle finger though, and the rest of the nails were still chip free. I was however impressed that the nails kept its shine. Usually by the 4th day, a normal topcoat would start to get dull. The Miracle Gel topcoat was still relatively shiny compared to day 1. So while it did keep the nails shiny, it was not chip free for 14 days.

      In conclusion, application was a breeze and very easy. However, it is not a total replacement for gel manicures at the salon. I see this polish as a hybrid between normal polish and gel. It's the application of a normal polish, with the curing qualities of a gel polish. It's not a shiny as traditional gels, nor does it have that hardness to it. But it also doesn't need a soak-off and you can remove it like normal polish.

There is a chip and some cuticle wear on the middle finger.

Concluding Remarks

      Overall, I appreciate the super short curing time, not needing a UV lamp, and the topcoat's ability to keep the nails shiny. I will repeat though that this isn't a replacement for salon gel nails, but it is on a higher level than traditional nail polish given the convenience of drying time. I might try a different application method the second time around such as giving more drying time in between coats to see if that makes a difference. Since a normal bottle of Essie, OPI, or Zoya cost $8-9, Miracle Gel is probably worth it given the benefits. I recommend getting the kit since you save around $4.

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