August 17, 2014

The Splurge - Leather Jackets

       When I was in college, I dreamt about having a cool (real) leather jacket one day but I just couldn't afford it as a college student. Luckily, my dream came true while I was in graduate school when I stumbled upon what was then my first leather jacket for an amazing price. Not long after that, my mom spoiled me by gifting me with an All Saints leather sleeved peacoat after I accomplished a significant achievement in my life. I love leather jackets - they're timeless, versatile, and long-lasting if you take care of it. 

       I know most of my posts have items that are budget-conscious, but for this post, I believe that if you can save up for a real leather jacket that is on the higher end, it's totally justifiable. Most leather jackets range between the $300-600 price mark but if you wait for sales you can get a great real leather jacket for under $300 (hint: All Saints has sales usually at the end of the season where you can get some items for 50% off!).
      As for materials, most leather jackets are either cow-hide or lambskin. Cow-hide is thicker and more robust than lambskin. You're going to have to break in cow-hide leather jackets. Lambskin on the other hand, is thinner and less robust than cow-hide, but there is no breaking in period since it's already very soft and supple when you purchase the jacket. If you're looking to purchase your first leather jacket, I would definitely stick with black since it's the most classic. Personally, I gravitate towards the leather jackets that have a "biker" or rocker vibe to it. 

Image Source: My Neon Rock

Image Source: Elle Canada

Image Source: City Tonic

Frida Gustavsson photographed by Vanessa Jackman

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