September 1, 2014

Trend Discourse: The Dressy Skort

Image: TopShop Lemon Print Skort

      Happy September!! Without revealing my age, I remember when skorts were first fashionable when I was in middle school. It almost feels like a fashion deja-vu, except this time the skort has definitely had a chic makeover. Although the dressy skort has been on trend now for at least a year since Zara came out with the origami skort, I've been seeing other stylish skorts from brands other than Zara. I love the new skort, and it's much more comfortable than a skirt. As the weather turns colder, I can still see the dressy skort being worn with tights, booties, and a wool jacket.

      I especially love skorts that are made out of jacquard or a similar heavy weighted fabric. It tends to have a dressier vibe and hence it's easier to make it more formal looking if you want to. The newer version of the skort is the inverted "v" shape with the panels being symmetrical to one another. I like last season's silhouette as well as the newer one.

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