September 12, 2014

Trend Discourse: Retro Sporty Sneakers

      It started with Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers, and now the sneaker trend has moved on towards true sporty comfort sneakers. It used to be a faux-pas to wear sporty sneakers with any outfit but a gym outfit, but I'm actually happy to see that such a comfortable shoe is on trend right now! Especially considering all the walking I do in NYC. So, let's give our poor feet a break from stilettos and sky-high platforms. I for one, am going to embrace this comfy trend!

Image Source: Refinery29

Image Source: Creators of Desire

Image Source: Style Scrapbook

Image Source: Style Scrapbook

Image Source: The Sartorialist

Image Source: Fashion & Style

      Before you take a look below at My Six Picks, I have an important PSA for those of you who are a size 7 shoe and below - check out the kid's section for sneakers before you decide on your purchase! I already wrote a fairly informative post about shopping in the kid's section for shoes and how women shoe size 7 and under can get away with getting the kid's version of the shoe (and walk away with $30-40 saved in your pocket). Kid's sneakers and adult sneakers can look practically the same! In fact, I bought these for myself!

My Six Picks

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