October 3, 2014

Beauty Discourse: The Benefits of Using Clay Masks

      When I think of clay masks I can't help but also think of those spoofs on TV where a girl is doing a clay mask facial and in walks the person she is interested in only to see her face covered in a green paste. Clay masks have been around forever, and there are so many different ones to choose from. No matter which clay mask you have in your beauty drawer or you're thinking about trying one, read on for tips on how to use and incorporate a clay mask into your beauty ritual.

Benefits of Using Clay

      While there are a lot of articles out there that write that clay "increases blood circulation" and other questionable benefits, I know for certain in my own experience that using a clay mask definitely helps control sebum production. It also smooths out my skin somewhat, and helps dry up any current blemishes I might have. If you suffer from inflammation due to your acne, clay masks also help bring down some of the swelling.


Tips for Using Clay Masks

      Most of us assume that we have to wait for the mask completely dry up, however the optimal time to take off the mask is right before it completely dries. This is because if the mask is allowed to completely dry, it feels uncomfortably tight which in turn causes may sting your skin and dehydrate your skin. Subsequently, you want to take off the mask before the tightness stage kicks in.
      You also don't have to slather it all over your face if you don't need it. I usually put it only in my trouble areas (for me it's my cheeks) and sometimes I take it a step further and put it on my T-zone & chin if I'm feeling particularly oily that week. If you use it only on your trouble spots, you can get away with using the mask several times a week - which brings us to the next subtopic.


How Often Should You Use Clay Masks

      Oily skinned gals can tolerate and use clay masks several times a week while those with normal-combination and drier skin should limit to once or twice a week. I find it best that you use the clay mask the week before your period in order to alleviate or prevent any breakouts you might have.


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