October 29, 2014

My In-Flight Travel Essentials

      I leave tomorrow for Korea and while I'm super excited for my trip, I'm not looking forward to the 10+ hour long flight. Like every seasoned traveler, I have some of my own carry-on essentials that make the flight more bearable.

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  1. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment - This stuff is pretty pricey at $22 a tube, but it seriously delivers when it comes to moisturizing your lips. My lips are the first thing to get dry when I'm dehydrated, so carrying a really rich lip balm is a must for me. Plus, it smells like delicious lemonade!

  2. Large Carry All Tote - Instead of a backpack, I prefer to stash all of my carry-on items in a large tote. That way, I can easily grab what I need or throw back what I don't need instead of zipping and unzipping each time.

  3. Kindle Paperwhite - Pretty self-explanatory, I'm a big reader and the Kindle allows me to switch in between books if I'm not feeling the one I'm currently reading. My current to read list includes The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Dragonfly in Amber, and Sand.

  4. Boots No7 Makeup Wipes - These are my favorite makeup wipes which I use to cleanse my face without need of water or a bottle of makeup remover. They're scentless and they don't strip my face of all oils. (full review and more details here)

  5. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Rollerball Perfume - Since carrying a full sized perfume bottle is inconvenient, I travel exclusively with rollerball perfumes. After basically sitting in recycled air for the length of your flight, you probably smell like "airplane" - you know what I'm talking about right?? I won't use my perfume during the flight as a courtesy to others, but I'll pop this on right before I exit the plane.

  6. Cabeau Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Forget the inflate-it-yourself and the bean filled neck pillows, this memory foam one is the way to go! It's the most supportive neck pillow I've tried.

  7. Uniqlo Scarf/Stole - This "scarf" is so huge that it doubles as a blanket. Just like movie theaters, airplanes can suddenly get chilly too. (also featured in this post).

  8. Sennheiser Earbuds - Most people opt for noise-cancelling headphones, but that can get in the way of your neck pillow if you plan to use one. These Sennheiser earbuds are great because they don't get in the way.

  9. Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask - I wish I was courageous enough to use a full on sheet mask during my flight, but unfortunately I'm not. My skin gets really dry and irritated on the plane, and I almost always get a breakout (or two) after a flight. To alleviate and try to prevent more breakouts, I use an "overnight" face mask to hydrate my skin. This Origins one is just like a richer night cream, and it's clear so nobody will ever know you're wearing anything! (Full review here) The Water Sleeping Pack from Laneige is also another option.

  10. Makeup Bag - I carry a separate makeup-bag with all of my travel friendly (aka easy application) beauty products. Perhaps I'll do a separate post on my travel makeup since I carry quite a few products. Hint - The Dior addict lip glow is a beauty product I always take with me on flights.

  11. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream - This is my do-it-all product. I keep it in case I need a super boost of moisturization. It's basically a heavy duty all-purpose moisturizer and you can use it anywhere from your lips to your cuticles.

      Hope this was helpful! Comment below to share your in-flight essentials or beauty rituals that make traveling more comfortable!

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