October 31, 2014

Product Review: Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal & Mud Pack Mask

      Happy Halloween!! Although I'm currently breakout free right now,  I unfortunately still suffer from oily skin. My skin has reacted fairly well to mud masks in the past when it comes to oil control, so when I was picking up my second bottle of Nature Republic's The First Essence (reviewed here), I spotted this on the shelves and decided to give it a try.


Nature Republic Bamboo Charcoal & Mud Pack Mask, 5.29oz
Price: $15

A mud pack that cleanses pore-clogging impurities with bamboo charcoal from the Damyang area.

Water, Kaolin, Methylpropanediol, Bentonite, Charcoal Powder, Sea Silt, Sodium Magnesium Silicate, Carbonated Water, Punica Granatum Fruit Extract, Terpe Oleracea Fruit Extract, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit Extract, Lycium Chinense fruit Extract, Prunus Salicina Fruit Extract, Blueberry Fruit Extract, Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract, Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract, Xanthan Gum, Propanediol, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA, Tocopheryl Acetate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Citric Acid.

After washing face and towel drying skin, apply an appropriate amount on your skin, avoiding the ares around the eye and mouth. Leave it on for 10 minutes until the mud gets dry, and then wash off with lukewarm water.


Product when squeezed out from the tube.

Texture of the product.

Freshly applied on the skin.

Semi-dry on the skin.


      I've used this mask around five times now and so far I think it gets the job done in terms of oil control. I don't slather it all over my face, but rather only in my trouble areas like my t-zone, chin, and lower cheeks. The texture of the mask is great and you can easily spread an even layer across your skin. It doesn't have a scent either, so you can even opt for a thicker layer if you want without irritating your nose if you are sensitive to scents. 
      In terms of the mask's claims in unclogging pores, I can't really say that it made a difference. I do see that the mask does seem to absorb any oily pores when it's drying, but I can't say that it has "unclogged" them. My skin does feel smoother and less oily when I wash it off, but I still put on a light moisturizer afterwards since it does feel slightly tight. In conclusion, this is a nice basic mud mask that helps in lessening oil production.


TL;DR Version

You should buy this product if:
  • You want a mud mask that will help control your oil.
  • You like fragrance-free or nearly fragrance-free masks.
  • You're looking for a basic no-frills mud mask.

You should not buy this product if:
  • You have really dry skin.
  • You want a mask that really targets clogged pores.


Concluding Remarks

      The mask is a good basic mud mask but if you're looking for anything beyond just a normal mud mask, this mask is probably not for you. Nature Republic has two storefronts in NYC (Chinatown and Flushing, Queens). You can also purchase the mask online via W2 Beauty, Soko Glam or Ebay. Lastly, I also wrote about how to effectively use a clay/mud mask here if you're curious! PS - I'm currently in Korea as you read this, so look out for a Korea Makeup/Beauty haul post in the near future!

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