October 6, 2014

Trend Discourse: Blanket Ponchos

Image Source: Burberry

      I was a little surprised when I saw this trend popping up for Fall 2014 (but not as surprised as the revival of the Birkenstock). It's not a cape, but it's not entirely a poncho either. Instead, it's a hybrid between a poncho and a cape but it's more like a blanket like than anything. Burberry calls it a "blanket poncho" and that's definitely the most accurate description. Speaking of Burberry, there is no doubt in my mind that the designer house started the trend.

Image Source: Style Snooper Dan

Image Source: Style Snooper Dan

Olivia Palermo - Image Source: Glamour

Kate Beckinsale - Image Source: Popsugar

Image Source: Mango & Salt

Image Source: Style.com

      If you don't think the blanket poncho is your style, you can opt for a traditional cape instead. They're more classic, symmetrical, and fitted. Although it seems like the blanket poncho is supposed to be worn in a very nonchalant way, I can see it being paired with a waist belt to give the wearer more security and shape. It also seems like plaid is the preferred pattern for the blanket poncho, but a tribalistic print is another option as well. Lastly, you can never go wrong with a solid color. My personal favorite pick out of the six below is #1 from Uniqlo - for only $20 it's doing triple duty as a poncho, a scarf, and a makeshift blanket. Can't go wrong with that!

My Six Picks
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  1. This trend is massive! Will be seen everywhere this season


  2. Yes! I think this trend and the sleeveless coat/gilet trend are the biggest trends for this fall!


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