November 14, 2014

Hair Tutorials on Youtube

All images & their sources are on my Pinterest

      First things first, don't forget to enter my giveaway! A while ago I posted about how Youtube is a treasure trove of information relating to makeup & beauty. It's also full of amazing hair tutorials as well! While I can't promise that after watching these videos that you'll end up with exact results like the photos featured above this paragraph, I can promise that you'll be closer to achieving it! I'm definitely no hair-whisperer, but I at least learned how to properly curl my hair after watching a few videos on Youtube. Click though to see a few hair tutorials that I found helpful!

Wendy's "Messy French Twist Hair "Tutorial

The Beauty Department's "Everyday Waves" Tutorial
Channel: The Beauty Department

Zoella's Four Quick & Easy Everyday Hairstyles
Channel: Zoella

Ali's Beachy Waves for Shorter Hair Lengths
Channel: MakeupByAli

Niomi's Fishtail Braid Tutorial
Channel: Niomi Smart

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