November 12, 2014

Trend Discourse: Varsity Bomber Jackets

Image Source: JCrew
      Just this past year, I've been seeing this trend make its way on the shoulders of many fashionable individuals. It seems that the trend has gone international because while I was in Korea just last week, I saw this jacket everywhere! I'm sort of digging the resurgence of the sporty-chic style that the fashion scene has been going through for the past few years. For one, it's extremely easy and more importantly comfortable to wear!

Image Source: Harper's Bazaar

Image Source: Micah Gianneli

Image Source: Paperblog

Image Source: Pop Sugar

Image Source: Metro

Image Source: A Portable Package

     I see the varsity bomber jacket as the casual sister to a leather jacket. It can essentially replace the leather jacket in any outfit, and still add that sense of masculinity. If you were on a varsity team back in high school, perhaps you can even dig it out of storage and incorporate it into your outfit!

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