December 19, 2014

Beauty Discourse: Pin-Point Concealing

      Some of you may know from my "How I Deal With Acne" post (read it here) that I suffer from acne-prone skin. Subsequently, the most important makeup product for me personally is concealer. While shopping in Kenig + Alcone one day, I came across the Sigma F68 pin-point concealing brush and remembered that Lisa Eldridge (my favorite you-tube beauty channel for tutorials) pin-point conceals. Ever since I purchased this pin-point concealer brush, concealing my blemishes has never been so precise!

      If you're dabbing the concealer directly onto your blemishes, you most likely might be using too much product which then leads to the product looking too cakey on your skin. If you use a pin-point concealing brush that has a very small densely packed head, you end up concentrating most of the product onto a smaller surface area while also using less product. You still have to blend it out with your fingers, but only one or two pats is sufficient! If you want more coverage, you can definitely apply another layer. Cons of using the pin-point concealer brush is that you need to have your concealer match perfectly with your skin since you are blending the product less. If you suffer from blemishes, definitely check out pin-point concealing brushes! You can purchase Sigma's pin-point concealing brush here!

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