December 31, 2014

I ❤ NY: Murakami at the Gagosian Gallery

     Even if you've never heard of Takashi Murakami, you might have already seen his artwork on the arms of women who carried the "Murakami" Louis Vuitton bags. Although I didn't personally purchase one of the Murakami bags, I enjoyed the whimsical touch Murakami brought to the bags through his artwork. So when I saw that the Gagosian Gallery was currently featuring Murakami's artwork at their space in Chelsea, I thought I'd check out his (non-purse) artwork!

Concluding Remarks

      The Murakami exhibit is located at Gagosian Gallery's Chelsea location at 555 West 24th Street. Admission is free because it is a private art gallery. I wanted to mention that there are tons of other art galleries on 24th Street that are worth checking out if you like viewing art. 24th Street is a sort of art gallery row, and some of the art displayed at these galleries are amazing and since they're a private gallery, the artists being featured are constantly changing. Lastly, if you're into modern art like Murakami, check out my post on the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum here!


  1. How amazing is this?! I'm distantly familiar with Murakami and would love to check this out (so much CA resident angst). - a clean eating bento blog.

  2. Definitely relieve some of that California angst by visiting NYC! However as a Californian transplant I miss California very often - specially since it's winter in NYC right now!


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