January 23, 2015

Beauty Discourse: Build Your Own Spa Day

      I don't know about you, but at the end of the week I feel and look exhausted most of the time. Although I try to have a social life on the weekends, I also reserve some "me-time" during the weekend as well. Around one to two times a month, I indulge in a "spa day" where I pamper my skin and allow it to recuperate. I group together several products in order to create a multi-step spa session. It's easy to create your own and you probably already have most of these products in your beauty drawer already!

Step 1: Clarify
I like to start out with a mud mask that clarifies my skin and draws out impurities. I usually only use it on target areas where I am prone to breakouts. (full review of Nature Republic's mud mask here)

Step 2: Hydrate
After clarifying & detoxing my skin, I put on a sheet mask. This particular mask is for whitening, but you can choose any mask you feel like addresses the current needs of your skin.

Step 3: De-Clog Pores
I usually don't use nose strips on a regular basis, so during my spa-day I usually go the extra mile and use some sort of nose strip that targets the pores.

Step 4: Under-Eye
Can't forget about the under eye area! You can actually do Steps 3 & 4 at the same time. The cold winter air has particularly affected my under-eye area and it's definitely drier in the winter time. These hydro gel patches target the entire under-eye area and delivers extra moisturization there. (full review of Lohasys Hydro Gel Eye Patch here)

Step 5: Seal it In
After giving your skin all that lovely attention, you have to seal it in! Although this is advertised as an overnight face mask, I sometimes use it as a normal moisturizer. It's amazing at creating a moisture barrier that really protects your skin. (full review of the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Face Mask here)

Step 6: Lips
Lastly, I treat my lips by giving them a good scrub and then moisturize it with Elizabeth Arden's 8-Hour Cream.

      What's the result? My skin is noticeably more glowing and hydrated. It also feels incredibly smooth and soft. The whole process takes me around an hour and a half so I don't do it every weekend. It's definitely hard not to however, the results are really addictive!

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