January 12, 2015

Beauty Discourse: Overnight Masks

      I remember a time when facial masks usually meant the type that you slather on your face and then wash off after 10-20 minutes. A lot of masks are still like that, but I've already featured two overnight masks on the blog as well as raved about how they keep my skin super hydrated in the winter and on flights when I travel. I thought it was only fitting that I dedicated a post just to overnight masks seeing how they are wonderful beauty products! Although I feature my usual six picks after the jump, you only really need one that works well with your skin! Take at look at some possible options after the jump.

[ 1* ] [ 2* ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] 

*Origins Overnight Drinkup Intensive Face Mask reviewed here.
*Laneige Water Sleeping Mask reviewed here.

Have you tried any overnight masks before? Share your favorite ones below!

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