January 30, 2015

Link Love: Lego Hogwarts, Instagram Apps, & Serial Podcast

1. NOVELTY: Love Harry Potter? Think you're a die-hard fan? Think again, this mother recreated Hogwarts and key scenes from the series - using legos!!

2. VIDEO: Did you enjoy my post about my makeup/beauty haul from Korea? You'll probably enjoy Lisa Eldrige's Korean Makeup & beauty haul even more!

3. PODCAST: Murder, mystery, and unanswered questions. If you haven't listened to the Serial podcast, I highly recommend it! It's a real life murder-mystery that also asks critical constructive questions about the US justice system. 

4. NOVELTY: I never really played Dominos when I was a kid, but I'm utterly impressed and speechless at this domino arrangement!

5. HOW-TOI'm still trying to get my Instragram to look a certain way, and it's definitely something that requires a bit of effort! Check out this informative post about Instagram apps and filters to up your Instagram game!

6. VIDEOI'm really dumb when it comes to contouring, and most articles or posts about contouring aren't really helpful. Finally however, I found a video that is actually helpful and simple enough that gives me the courage to actually at least try it out.

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