January 19, 2015

The Technical Side of Beauty - Tools I Can't Live Without

       Besides makeup brushes, there are other beauty tools that I use everyday that really make a difference in my skin and makeup application. I can't imagine being without these beauty tools since they are just as crucial as my skincare in my beauty routine.

  • Clarisonic: It's probably no surprise that the Clarisonic is on this list, many beauty enthusiasts swear by it. I swear by it, but with a caveat - you have to use it as often as your skin can tolerate it. My friends and myself included have made the mistake of using our Clarisonic too often to the point where it actually does more harm than good. So why is it still on this list? When used properly, the Clarisonic actually does exfoliate and clean my face better than just with my hands. I personally use the Clarisonic once or twice a week to really deep cleanse my face.

  • Sonicare: This isn't pictured up on my vanity, but I have used a Sonicare electric toothbrush since college! My first electric toothbrush was actually an Oral-B, but after getting a Sonicare I knew I could never go back. It gives you a completely different feeling than a manual toothbrush in the sense that your teeth feel super refreshed and clean. On a side note, my favorite toothpaste to use with the Sonicare is Aquafresh's Micro Active Foaming Paste. As the name suggests, it foams up much more than your average toothpaste.

  • Simple Human Sensor Mirror: At $200, it's probably the most expensive makeup mirror you will ever get, but it's also a complete game changer. I can't imagine my beauty routine without this mirror now. It has the brightest lights that allow you to apply your makeup even in a dark or very dim lit room. With this mirror, gone are the days where you are basically a slave to finding the correct lighting to do your makeup. It also has a 5x magnification mirror which means you can apply your makeup to the tiniest detail and point. It's the star of my vanity and my most loved beauty tool.

  • Tweezerman Tweezer: It's not electronic like the rest of the items on this list, but it's a beauty tool nevertheless. I remember having a Revlon tweezer for many years, until I finally shelled out $22 for a Tweezerman tweezer. The Tweezerman tweezer grabs hairs more easily than any other tweezer I've tried. It also more importantly doesn't rust when water gets on it!

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