February 20, 2015

Beauty Discourse: Manicure Necessities

      Making your manicure last is always the goal no matter what kind of manicure you have. I remember a time in college when my manicure barely lasted two days before chipping and peeling off. Now with the right tools, I can make a non-gel polish manicure last upwards of five days without chipping, and up to seven days before it starts to look unkempt. 

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1. Glass Nail File - If you currently use a normal sand-paper nail file to shape your nails, throw it out! Instead, invest in a glass nail file. Unlike glass files, the non-glass files can actually cause your nails to break. You don't need to apply that much pressure to your nail when you're filing with a glass file. Lastly, you never need to sharpen a glass file since it never gets full!

2. Nail Art Tools - This isn't really a necessary item in making your manicure last, but it definitely makes it more fun! With these dotting tools, you can really take your manicures to the next level by making more intricate designs.

3. Cuticle Pusher - I don't know about you, but the first signs of wear on my manicure is usually near my cuticle beds. I've noticed that if I take the step of pushing back my cuticles before apply my base coat, that my manicure will last longer since I'm not accidentally painting on top of my cuticles.

4. Base Coat - Speaking of a base coat, it's an absolute necessary! Not only does it help your manicure last longer, it also prevents your nails from getting stained. Red polishes are especially notorious for staining nails!

5. Nail Buffer - This is probably the most important tool in my nail kit when it comes to making your manicure last. Before you apply your base coat, you need to lightly buff the surface of your nails so that your base coat can really adhere to your nail. This step is the reason why I can make my manicure last past 2-3 days without chipping!

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