February 27, 2015

Link Love: DIY Marbling, Home Decor Inographics, & Westminster

1. NOVELTY: Sometimes I feel like New York is like Disney World in the sense that you'll never know all of its secrets, quirks, and eccentricities. I definitely did not know most of the things on this list of Things You Probably Don't Know about New York!

2. DIY: A DIY marbling for grown ups! Marble your stationary, envelopes, and letters using (you would never guess) shaving cream!

3. HOME: It's the mothership of infographics for home design! This really is the only list you would need if you are decorating and renovating your home!

4. BEAUTY: Although I'm super loyal to the YSL Creme de Blush, swatches of these NARS dual intensity blushes are seriously making me consider introducing another blush into my makeup cabinet!

5. FASHION: Despite the single digit and sometimes below zero artic weather we're having here in NYC, fashion week lives on. Check out Style.com for up to date information and pictures of the 2015 fall ready to wear collections.

6. ANIMALS: This past week was the Westminster Dog Show! Although I couldn't make it this year, I've definitely already made it a goal to attend next year's show. Check out the official website for videos, pictures, and who won best in show!

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