February 23, 2015

One Year Lookback

My wish tied to the wishing rock in Korea. (full post here)

      A Glossy Discourse turned one year old yesterday! When I started this blog, the goal was for this place to be a space where I could escape, a place where I could challenge myself creatively, and share posts that are attainable, relatable, and realistic when looking at an average girl's everyday budget. It's definitely hard to come up with good content, and I think that I can definitely still work on creating better content. Hopefully I'll be able to challenge myself even more in the next coming year! There are some personal goals of mine that I would like to see achieved within A Glossy Discourse. Until then, this post is dedicated as a lookback on some of the highlights of A Glossy Discourse's first year on the web! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you'll stick with me as I grow!


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