February 2, 2015

The Splurge - My Petite Fendi 2Jours in Brick

      I've been planning to buy a luxury handbag for some time now, and the Fendi petite 2Jours was on my radar ever since I saw the bag on the arm of one of the many fashionable New York girls on the street some time ago. I'm also a sucker for anything monogrammable! I rarely ever splurge on an item as expensive as this, but I had recently reached a milestone in my life (academically, personally, and professionally) so I wanted to mark the occasion. Continue reading to take a look at the new (accessory) love in my life!

      As you may or may not know, Fendi also makes "bag bugs" which are essentially bag charms for handbags. They're also called "monsters" because they look like monsters! Of course, they're pretty pricey at a starting price of $580 and up. I wanted a bag bug for my 2Jours, but I did not want to pay the hefty price tag. I'm so glad I found an alternative shop on Etsy, VSAccessorialink, that makes original monster bag charms. My little guy only cost $36 with shipping, and I was able to customize him so that he would match my 2Jours. The shop also has both fur and faux fur options as well as a broad price range so there is surely something that will be within your budget. If you have wanted a Fendi bag bug but hate the price tag, definitely check out that Etsy shop!

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