April 29, 2015

Product Review: Hera CC Cream in Pink Beige

      One of my recent beauty buys is the Hera Complete Care (CC) Cream. In comparison to BB creams, CC creams offer even more skin loving ingredients. I've shied away from a lot of CC creams because most of the ones I've come across are either glorified tinted moisturizers or meant to just be a primer before putting on your foundation (like Banila's CC Cream, which also makes your face look way too gray). Luckily, on my trip to Korea this past fall, I was given samples of Hera's CC Cream and it turned out to be the CC cream of my dreams! 

April 27, 2015

Trend Discourse: Culottes Pants

Image Source: Reiss Zodiac Pleated Culottes
      A new trend that I've seen lately are culottes pants - boxy, flowy, and wide legged pants that hit at the mid calf. They remind me of traditional Japanese menswear, particularly Hakama pants, but just shorter. Although I think this trend looks sophisticated if styled right (such as how Reiss has styled it above with a slightly loose fitting blouse), I do think that it is one of the more difficult trends to pull off. Particularly for petite girls, culottes could make a short girl appear even shorter. However, Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook pulled off culottes beautifully by choosing a pair that sat higher on the waist. Click through for some culotte street style and my six picks.

April 24, 2015

My Recent Beauty Haul & Upcoming Product Reviews

      I did some major damage at the VIB Beauty Sale that just ended this week. I bought some old favorites as well as some new products I had my eye on to try. Missha also just recently had a 30% off sale online and in stores the other week and I didn't hesitate to snatch up Time Revolution at an amazing price! Lastly, I had a sample of Hera's CC Cream from my trip to Korea and I tried it and fell in love with it. Thus, I bought a full size of it off of ebay and it's on its way to me now! This is just a preview of some of the product reviews that are to come, so click through to see the full list.

April 22, 2015

Home Discourse: Build your Own Terrarium

      I don' t have a green thumb at all, so the plants around  my apartment tend to need minimal care and attention. Obviously from the title of this post, you already know what plants fit this bill! I can totally see why it's a big trend right now in the home decor industry to have terrariums around the house. They're hearty and perfect for people who are inexperienced at taking care of plants but still want to add some greenery to their home. I recently repotted my succulents into new terrariums, so I thought I'd create a DIY post that anyone can follow in order to create a terrarium that pretty much sustains itself without too much attention from you.

April 20, 2015

I ❤ NY: The Cloisters

      Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of New York City is an old medieval style abbey that overlooks upper Manhattan. The building is called The Cloisters and is part of the Metropolitan Museum. It's exclusively dedicated to medieval architecture and art. I visited The Cloisters on a gorgeous summer-like day this past weekend, and it felt like I was in another country when I was inside the museum. Not only are The Cloisters situated far away from the metropolitan heart of NYC, the building itself has pieces of doorways, columns, and windows from other cloisters around the world. As a fan of architecture myself, I very much enjoyed exploring both the building and the scenery around The Cloisters.

April 17, 2015

Trend Discourse: Flowy Trench Dusters for Spring

Image Source: Daily Look - Khaki Trench | Blue Trench

      I've always loved the look of a classic trench coat, especially in the fall. For spring however, I'm loving the look of flowy trench duster coats in light pastel colors. I imagine that on warm windy spring days, the trench flows nicely with the wind giving the entire outfit a romantic look. It's a casual yet put together look at the same time!

April 15, 2015

Korean Beauty Products that are Dupes for Higher End Products

      Korean beauty products are all the rage right now because they're fun, innovative, and the Korean beauty brands are constantly churning out new products like candy.  In my opinion, sometimes the Korean beauty brands are able to "dupe" and mimic a more popular product but for a fraction of the price. While it won't be exactly like the product its inspired by, the Korean product dupe is definitely great value for the money. I've personally tried some of the products on the list, and I can say that they're great stand-alone products. 

April 13, 2015

Home Discourse: Offbeat & Curious Objects for Home Decor

Chess Pieces || Turtle || Glass Head || Whale Tail || Faux Antlers

      People can get a good sense of your personality and fashion style when it comes to looking at your outfit's constellation of accessories. The same philosophy goes for home decor accessories! A space just isn't a complete space without a sprinkle or two of interesting and offbeat decor items to really personalize your space. Whether you're a collector of a certain items, or a lover of art, click through to see pictures of spaces with decor objects that catch your eye, and my six picks for some offbeat decor accessories to add to your home.

April 10, 2015

Currently Craving: Short Chunky Block Heels

Image Source: Stuart Weitzman 

      I know what you may be thinking, what's the point of a short blocked heel? But hear me out, they may remind you of the 90's and you may think of old ladies when you think of a short blocked heel, but these new blocked heels with interesting patterns, materials, and silhouettes are a refreshing interpretation of the blocked heel. Most importantly, the heel height and chunkiness of the heel won't have your feet screaming at you at the end of the day. In addition, Salvatore Ferragamo Varas have a short block heel and they're undoubtedly classic iconic shoes. Click through to see some blocked heel styles I'm loving lately.

April 8, 2015

Product Review: Club Clio Gelpresso Eyeshadow Stick in No. 7 Hot in Here

      While I was in Club Clio, I also picked up a Gelpresso Eyeshadow Stick in addition to the Kill Black liquid eyeliner (full review here). I tested out the colors on my hand, and decided to go with No. 7 Too Hot in Here, a metallic brown with warm copper red undertones. Most of my cream eyeshadows are in pot form, and I had tried chubby pencil eyeshadow sticks before, so the eyeshadow stick was the last form of eyeshadow to try. Plus, "gel" shadow sticks are definitely the trend right now in eyeshadows! 

April 6, 2015

Nails Inc & Victoria Beckham Bamboo White - The Perfect Not Quite White Nail Polish

      I never really liked black or white nail polishes, but I always liked dark polishes that looked almost black or nude mannequin nails. But when I saw bamboo white, one of the two limited edition colors that Nails Inc. and Victoria Beckham came out with, I knew I might have found my perfect "almost white" polish. At $25 per bottle, it was not cheap, but the color was so gorgeous that I knew I had to have it. Plus, the bottle is so sleek!

April 3, 2015

Product Review & Comparison: Club Clio's Kill Black Eyeliner versus Kat von D Tattoo Liner

      My eyes are notorious for making eye makeup and especially eye liner crease or disappear. I always wondered if there was an eyeliner out there that could stand up to my eyes. I've tried Bobbi Brown's gel liner, Stila's pen liner, and already reviewed Kat von D's Tattoo liner here, but they've all fallen short on wear time and given me raccoon eyes at the end of the night. Club Clio's Kill Black is touted as the best liner in Korea, and it boasts being truly waterproof and smudgeproof the minute you put it on, til the minute you take it off.

April 1, 2015

Link Love: Anthony Bourdain's Travel Tips, Fashion Throughout the Decades, & New Drugstore Beauty Products

1. NOVELTY: Why are marble patterns and textures so mesmerizing? And especially when it's in a glossy finish and available as an art piece, I'm completely in love.

2. HOME: I'm absolutely in love with how much this space is oozing with glamour. Plus, if you're a fan of emerald green, then you have to check out this space! It's definitely made me consider the color in home decor!

3. BEAUTY: Besides looking forward to warmer weather, I'm also looking forward to trying out all the new beauty products that are launching! Check out Allure's list of new drugstore beauty products to try out.

4. TRAVEL: Anthony Bourdain has definitely been around - around the world that is! Here is a short list of places he recommends visiting that have great food.

5. FASHION: I love looking at compilations of fashion and style throughout the decades. Each era really does have its own signature look. It makes me think of what the 2000's would look like to viewers in the future.

6.  NOVELTY: Hauntingly beautiful photography of abandoned spaces taken around Europe.

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