April 1, 2015

Link Love: Anthony Bourdain's Travel Tips, Fashion Throughout the Decades, & New Drugstore Beauty Products

1. NOVELTY: Why are marble patterns and textures so mesmerizing? And especially when it's in a glossy finish and available as an art piece, I'm completely in love.

2. HOME: I'm absolutely in love with how much this space is oozing with glamour. Plus, if you're a fan of emerald green, then you have to check out this space! It's definitely made me consider the color in home decor!

3. BEAUTY: Besides looking forward to warmer weather, I'm also looking forward to trying out all the new beauty products that are launching! Check out Allure's list of new drugstore beauty products to try out.

4. TRAVEL: Anthony Bourdain has definitely been around - around the world that is! Here is a short list of places he recommends visiting that have great food.

5. FASHION: I love looking at compilations of fashion and style throughout the decades. Each era really does have its own signature look. It makes me think of what the 2000's would look like to viewers in the future.

6.  NOVELTY: Hauntingly beautiful photography of abandoned spaces taken around Europe.

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