June 26, 2015

Beauty Discourse: The Best Non-Greasy Sunscreen

      Summer is now in full swing, and that means I'm extra thankful for having a sunscreen in my beauty cabinet that I absolutely adore. I'm super picky about my sunscreens because most tend to make my face greasier and they feel very heavy on my face. I went through about 4-5 different types of sunscreens that all claimed to be "non-greasy, light, and oil-free" but they sure didn't feel like they had all these qualities. Enter Shiseido's Urban Environment sunscreen - my holy grail sunscreen that is the lightest sunscreen I have ever used.

      Before using this sunscreen, you have to give it a good shake. The sunscreen's texture is a very thin fine liquid. After spreading it over your face, it disappears and it doesn't feel like you have anything on your face at all. Best part? It doesn't break me out and it even slightly mattifies my face before I put on my foundation. It also offers a generous (but also a bit random) 42 SPF. It checks off every thing on my sunscreen requirement checklist which is why it's my favorite sunscreen ever.

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