June 19, 2015

My Summer Bucket List

      Did I mention that this blog is sort of like a personal bucket list for me? This is especially true when it comes to all the draft posts and topics that are waiting to be written and posted. Essnentially, the draft posts are things that I hope to eventually find or do. Well, instead of hiding it behind the blog curtain, I thought I'd share a couple things on my bucket list for this summer. There are some places that I want to visit and of course some beauty products that I hope to discover! Of course, I hope to cross off all the items on my list, and to write about them on the blog!    

      1. Gift a friend a terrarium using plants from my existing terrariums (check out my DIY post here!)
      2. Visit Greenwood Cemetery: http://www.green-wood.com/
      3. Have a beach day with my friends (get the same suit or create your own here)
      4. Revisit the Bronx Zoo: http://bronxzoo.com/
      5. Finally find the perfect bronzer for my skintone
      6. Buy a panama hat that fits my (rather small) head
      7. Try a watermelon & feta summer salad recipe. This one looks pretty tasty! 
      8. Try the SKII facial sheet mask - available at Sephora

What's on your summer to-do list??

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