July 20, 2015

Currently Loving & Other Stories' Bath & Body Collection

     I'm back from  my 2 week hiatus with a recent beauty obsession of mine! & Other Stories is fairly new to New Yorkers with the opening of their flagship store in Soho. When I first visited the store, I was entranced by the vast range of bath and beauty products that they had. I had such a fun time smelling all the scents, and they were all so lovely so I had a hard time choosing just one scent take home with me first. I really like the two products that I've purchased, so read more about it after the jump!

& Other Stories Moroccan Tea Hand Lotion
Price: $11

      Obviously from the picture above, I ended up choosing the Moroccan Tea scent which is described as "fresh mint stirred into sweet amber tea." It smells exactly like that, a refreshing and sweet minty tea. It almost reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea perfume except that this is more minty and it's slightly sweeter. I chose the scent because I though it would be a great summer scent. The lotion is a generous 8.45oz. The lotion isn't too greasy, and it sinks into the skin quickly.


& Other Stories Moroccan Tea (Sugar) Body Scrub
Price: $15

     I really like using scrubs in the summer time to feel extra clean and refreshed. The scrub contains fine white sugar granules, but the interesting thing about this scrub is the texture. It's almost gummy and sort of like a thick paste. However, when you spread it onto your skin it lathers up because it also contains soap. Thus, it's a sort of hybrid between a scrub and a body wash.


      Moroccan Tea wasn't the only scent that I loved! I also really liked Steel Garden (their newest fragrance) and Punk Bouquet. There are a total of around 16 scents so there is definitely a scent for everyone!

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