July 22, 2015

Home Discourse: Admiring Navy Accent Walls

Image Source: Decor Pad

      Apartment shopping in the five boroughs of New York is very stressful and volatile. So I have been trying to direct all my anger into pinning home decor photos that I love so that when I finally come across "the one" (apartment wise), I'll have a good database of decor photos that I can reference from. One of the most major design elements I've been inspired by is a navy accent wall. Since I'm going to be living in the new apartment with my boyfriend, I think it's the perfect masculine touch to a space to contrast with some of the more feminine design elements and accessories that I gravitate towards.

Unless otherwise noted, all images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest.

Image Source: Studio McGee

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  1. I love the navy accents, oh my goodness! This is my first time seeing these sort of accents and I'm already in looooove.

  2. Isn't it a gorgeous accent color?? I'm particularly in love in the navy paint called "Hale Navy" by Benjamin Moore!


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