August 31, 2015

Trend Discourse: The Double Layer Dress

Image Source: Asos

      I think I first saw this dress silhouette on the Chanel runway a couple seasons ago in 2010. Chanel had dresses that looked like separates but it was really one piece that was cut to make it look like it had a separate top and bottom. Although I thought it was really flattering, the style didn't flood into the market like other trends until recently. It's such a ladylike and playful silhouette that I think works well as a casual everyday dress or a party dress. Better yet, since it cuts right at the high waist, it gives the illusion of a slimmer waist (which is always welcomed, right?).

August 28, 2015

Currently Craving - Fall Inspired Candle Scents

      While I'm currently writing this post, I'm burning Spiked Cherry Limesicle by Bath and Body Works and although the smell is this delicious fruity cherry scent, I'm already finding myself longing for more the more spicier and woody scents that fall evokes. Fall is my favorite season since I love brisk mornings, pumpkin spice lattes, and being able to stay outdoors all day without breaking a drop of sweat. To bring a little bit of fall inside my home, these are some of the candles that are on my wishlist (once I burn through all my summer scented candles...).

August 26, 2015

Link Love: What NYC Smells Like in the Summer, Baby Panda Twins, & a Travel Cheat Sheet

1. NOVELTY: What does summer in NYC smell like? From a perfumer's and sommelier's nose that is! Although I agree with some of the scents they describe, the other scents they came across really surprised me!

2. VIDEO: As a kid I always wondered how luggage got from the baggage check in kiosk to the bunker of the plane I'm going on. As an adult I'm still curious, but finally this video shows the long and complicated process of how your baggage goes from your hands, all the way to the luggage carousel of your destination.

3. HOME: I love houses that combine traditional with the modern. It adds an unexpected design element and it makes the home all the more unique. This Georgian style house has breathtaking moulding and millwork, but it also has modern windows, glass enclosures, and furniture.

4. NOVELTY: Two giant baby panda twins were born earlier this week at the zoo in Washington DC!

5. BEAUTY: Ever since visiting Taiwan when I was in college, I noticed that Asian cosmetics tended to be more "cute" and playful with their packaging than their Western counterparts. Korean beauty products are no exception to this rule. Read how this cute packaging trend is affecting other products globally.

6. TRAVEL: Check out this wonderful pictorialgram that is like a mini cheat sheet of the best places to see, eat, and visit in some of the best travel destinations in the world.

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August 24, 2015

Beauty Discourse: Making Your Eyeliner Last for Hooded Eyes

      I know I'm not the only person with hooded eyelids to have a huge problem with making eyeliner last. After one of my lovely readers commented that the Club Clio Kill Black liner disappeared on her lids within 15 minutes, I knew I had to write a post about how I personally keep my eyeliner from disappearing. I can't guarantee that my method will work for everyone with hooded or monolids, but it's at least worth a shot to see if it'll work for your eyes!

August 21, 2015

Trend Discourse: Regal Cape Dresses & Blazers

Image Source: Lavish Alice Navy Cape Blazer & White Cape Dress

      First cape jackets - now cape dresses and blazers. I first saw the cape dress when Valentino debuted it on the runway a couple seasons ago. Then Solange Knowles donned the white Valentino gown for her wedding and it became known as a dress that was unique, different, but still utterly elegant. When shorter cocktail length cape gowns began trickling into stores, I was really excited to purchase one since I just love the look of a cape gown. Then just recently, brands began coming out with blazer capes which I thought was also pretty chic. Although I am partial to the cape gown, I can see myself possibly wearing a blazer cape with the right outfit.

August 19, 2015

Home Discourse: My Current Home Decor Wishlist

      As stressful as it's become in my boyfriend's and my hunt for a new apartment, I'm still trying to be optimistic by repeatedly telling myself, "Good things come to those who wait." I've been biding my time by waiting to buy new furniture until we find our new place and have been bookmarking furniture pieces that (if they work with the new space) I would be purchasing. As you can tell from the photo above, I tend to love gold, marble, and bold accessories. 

August 17, 2015

Product Review: Missha Time Revolution the First Essence

     It took me a while to finish IOPE's Bio Essence (full review here), but I recently finished up the whole bottle and now I finally am able to use Missha's Time Revolution Essence. Missha's particular essence is often referred to as the SKII dupe unlike the other essences on the market. Priced at $49, it is in the midrange price bracket for essences being more expensive than Nature Republic's essence but less expensive than IOPE's Bio Essence.        

August 14, 2015

Home Discourse: Cleverly Placed Statement Mirrors

Image Source: My Pinterest

      The one interior design element that's been catching my eye lately are cleverly placed oversized mirrors in spaces that are not bathrooms. Mirrors can make such a huge difference in a space because it reflects everything making the space feel bigger than it really is. I admire designers that know exactly where to place a mirror and how big the mirror has to be to really transform the space. If it's placed right, the mirror acts like an optical illusion to the point where you may think it's another room! I think oversized mirrors that take up an entire wall are especially useful in smaller spaces where you want to create depth while also reflecting light into a dark space.

August 12, 2015

Currently Loving - Mamonde Flower Essential Facial Sheet Masks

      Ever since discovering these Mamonde Flower Essential sheet masks in Korea last Fall (read about my trip here and here!), they've become the sheet masks that I most often reach for. They're affordable, smell great, and there is a total of 16 different types of masks to choose from. When I saw these masks in Korea, I wanted to buy all of them!

August 10, 2015

Trend Discourse: 70's Inspired Suede

Image Source: Jak & Jil

      The first time I was exposed to 70's fashion was through photographs of my mother when she was young. I saw her with super long straight hair in the spitting image of Cher, long and wide bell bottom pants, a boxy flowing blouse, with a shoulder strap bag not all too different from the Celine box bag. 70's inspired fashion is coming back full force. All I see are carriage bags, fringe, suede, and now the quintessentially 70's bell-bottom style pants are even coming back. Now I'm not saying suede clothing equals the 70's, but instead it's the cut, the accessories, and the way the suede pieces are styled that represents 70's inspired fashion.

August 7, 2015

Home Discourse: Black versus White Kitchens

Black Kitchen - Tamara Magel   ||   White Kitchen Cynthia Carlson
      Light versus dark - a constant comparison I'm always struggling with, for kitchen designs that is! I constantly waver between whether I like kitchens with dark cabinetry more, or white cabinetry. Although gray is becoming a popular option, there is something really classic and chic about kitchens which black or white cabinetry. Regardless of black or white cabinetry though, I really love it when kitchens have gold hardware. Black or white? Click through to decide for yourself!

August 5, 2015

Acne Arsenal - My Updated Acne Fighting Routine

      After being breakout free for a solid 3-4 months, recently I've been breaking out again and I can't pinpoint exactly why. Luckily though, I've already prepared my star acne fighting products just in case my skin decides to flare up again. The last time I wrote about how I treat my acne was back in September 2014 (read post here) which is almost a year ago. Since then, I've added two more products into my routine that I think really addresses my acne from flare ups to post-blemish healing.

August 3, 2015

Summer Beauty Empties - Products I've Recently Used Up

      I tend to take a while to finish most products as I try to make a habit of finishing up an entire product first before replacing it.  Therefore, writing a beauty empties post is probably one of the hardest posts for me to write because I have to hoard all these empty bottles for months until I have accumulated enough to do an empties post! Finally though, I have gone through seven products which I think is enough to do my first empties post here on the blog. Click through to see what I've recently finished up!