August 24, 2015

Beauty Discourse: Making Your Eyeliner Last for Hooded Eyes

      I know I'm not the only person with hooded eyelids to have a huge problem with making eyeliner last. After one of my lovely readers commented that the Club Clio Kill Black liner disappeared on her lids within 15 minutes, I knew I had to write a post about how I personally keep my eyeliner from disappearing. I can't guarantee that my method will work for everyone with hooded or monolids, but it's at least worth a shot to see if it'll work for your eyes!

      First things first, you may wonder what "hooded eyes" means, but it essentially means that part of your eyelid folds under the skin that is under your brow bone. In turn, this means that any makeup or product that is put on the hooded lid, disappears once you open your eyes because the eyelid is "tucked" back into your eye. As you can imagine, the constant rubbing of the lids against the skin causes all makeup product to disappear and rub off. This is why people with hooded eyes or monolids have to draw their line way above their natural lash line. If they don't, it's like they're wearing no makeup at all. But how do you keep the rest of your eyemakeup from rubbing off? Read how I keep mine from disappearing by following the steps below.


      I always prime my eyes before I put my liner on. This requires two steps (1) an eyeshadow primer  base and (2) a cream eyeshadow. My favorite eyeshadow primer is the NARS Pro Prime as I find it to make my liners last longer than any other primer I've tried. On top of that I put a cream shadow base to act as a sort of adhesive for the eyeliner. Featured above is MAC paintpot in Groundwork, but any cream eyeshadow should work. The important thing is to line your eyes shortly after putting on the cream eyeshadow so that the liquid liner and cream eyeshadow can dry and set together.


      As mentioned above, it's important to line your eyes shortly after you put on the cream eyeshadow. Most cream eyeshadows take a short while to "set" on the eyes, so if you line your eyes before the shadow sets, it's an additional way to ensure your liner lasts.


        Now you probably think this is a super weird step, but it's honestly one of those things that does make a difference! Yes, I actually put a fine layer of powder on the part of my eyelid that gets "tucked back." It prevents the skin from becoming too oily (most people with hooded lids have oily lids) and causing your makeup to disappear. Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil doesn't irritate my eyes at all like other powders I've used. I just put a light dusting of it using my eco tool's concealer brush as the last step. How long does my liner last using this process? The whole work day which is around 12 hours from the time I apply my makeup to the moment I get home and take it off.


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