August 12, 2015

Currently Loving - Mamonde Flower Essential Facial Sheet Masks

      Ever since discovering these Mamonde Flower Essential sheet masks in Korea last Fall (read about my trip here and here!), they've become the sheet masks that I most often reach for. They're affordable, smell great, and there is a total of 16 different types of masks to choose from. When I saw these masks in Korea, I wanted to buy all of them!

      Mamonde makes a total of 16 different masks that each target different concerns. This helpful chart, lists all the masks and what the benefits of each mask are. I've tried four out of the five masks, Magnolia, Safflower, Camellia, and Rose. These are fabric sheet masks and not gel masks, so they provide a lot of moisture regardless of which mask you choose from. The thing I really love about these masks is the size, they're smaller than the average sheet mask. Subsequently, they fit my face better than most other sheet masks. If you usually have trouble making sheet masks fit your face because they're too big, I would definitely recommend trying these masks from Mamonde. 

     Out of the four I've tried, I really love the Safflower mask which provides moisture and lifting benefits. The serum is a clear liquid, and even though the Rose mask is for moisturization, my skin feels more moisturized after using the Safflower mask than the Rose mask. 

    The Magnolia mask's serum is a milky and opaque serum, and I attribute that to because it's supposed to provide "whitening" benefits (whitening really just means evening out your skin tone from hyperpigmentation). The serum is similar to Naruko's Taiwan Magnolia Mask (reviewed here). 

      Camellia and Rose were nice too as they both smelled like their respective flowers, but I would say that they didn't work as well on my skin as Safflower did. I might purchase the Rose one again if Safflower wasn't available since it did provide moisturization to my skin.

       As for the other flower masks I haven't tried yet, I would love to try the Peach Flower (hydrating), Elderflower (soothes troubled skin), and Sage (oil balancing). The masks were $15 for a pack of 10 in Korea (and I luckily got them during a buy one get one free sale!) so they're only slightly more pricier than My Beauty Diary Masks.

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